Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ivey-Hall Wedding

Last weekend, Ben and I headed down to Dothan to celebrate this girls wedding... (This was the first time to leave Mary Hyatt for the entire weekend! I don't know why, but it seems like its getting harder and harder as she gets older to leave her. I guess it's because she is getting so much of a personality and we are getting more attached to her. But we survived and she had a fun weekend I think!)

Leigh Anna was my very first friend that I met at Auburn. We were in the same Biology lab. She always jokes that I was forced to be her friend because like always I was running late and by the time I got there, the only seat left was next to her. I think it was just meant to be. God knew we would click and would be great friends and would continue to be good friends for the rest of our lives. She was in my wedding and now I was in hers. We lived together one year in college and then also one year in Birmingham before I got married. The year we lived together in Birmingham I really got to know her now husband, Bagby. They are perfect for each other. The two of them, me and Ben, and our other roommate Erin and husband Charlie Walker had so much fun all hanging out together that year. Ben and I constantly talk about how that was one of the most fun years ever.

Anyway, so it was finally time for Leigh Anna and Bagby to get married. We headed down to Dothan thrilled with excitement except for one slight traumatic problem. My bridesmaid dress did not fit at all!! When we got fitted for the dresses, I was only 1 month out from having Mary Hyatt so my body still wasn't even remotely back to normal. I ended up ordering a dress that was 2 sizes bigger than what I needed. I had dropped it off at an alteration place in Cullman to get fixed and it was suppose to be ready on Monday the week of the wedding. Long story short, every day that week I went to pick it up and the lady kept pushing it off and asking me to come the next day. Finally on Thursday I told her I had to have it and would be there to get it around 2:30 p.m. She ended up calling and asking me to wait until 4, and of course, at 4 she asked if I could come a little later. Since we were leaving super early on Friday, I told her I had to have it by 4:30. When I picked it up, I didn't have time to try it on because I also had to pick MH up at daycare before they closed. I didn't try it on until late that night and panicked when it didn't fit. It wasn't even close to fitting...
I called the lady all night long but of course she turned her phone off. Ben and I had to leave at 6 AM to get to Dothan in time for the bridesmaid luncheon, so I planned to just find someone in Dothan to fix it. I actually got in touch with one lady who said she would do it, but then during the luncheon she called and was actually being admitted to the hospital so she no longer could do it. Some luck, huh? haha I was about to call another bridal shop and Leigh Anna's mom and grandmother kept insisting that I let them at least look at it to see if they could figure out a way to fix it. They all got a good laugh when I put it on and they realized how butchered it was. Everything about it was just bad. After a few minutes of reasoning, they finally figured out that since the dress was kind of full at the bottom, they could cut some of the fabric from it and sew it back together, and then use that extra fabric and add it under my arms to allow it to zip. They then went to work..
I felt horrible that they were doing all of this on the day before their daughter/granddaughters wedding. It took all afternoon and then some time after the rehearsal dinner...Her mom kept reassuring me that they didn't mind and it kept helping her keep her mind off of everything, but I still just couldn't believe they were doing it.
By the time they were finished, it was absolutely perfect. You couldn't even tell that it had been such a disaster. It looked just like it was sent straight from the store that way. It was unbelievable. I always tell Leigh Anna that she is seriously the most thoughtful friend that I know. Now I totally see where she gets it from.

Aside from that minor issue, the rest of the wedding weekend was absolutely perfect! The rehearsal dinner was beautiful! They served Thanksgiving dinner food which I thought was such a great idea since the wedding was the weekend before Thanksgiving!
Here is Ben with the groom!
And here is the happy couple..
The morning of the wedding, all of the girls met at a salon and got all fixed up. It was so much fun. We then headed to the church to take pictures. Leigh Anna looked beautiful!
The ceremony was great and then we headed to the reception. It was one of the most fun receptions I've ever been to. Bagby's family is very musically talented so they all kept jumping in with the band doing their own thing. Not the mention his family LOVES to dance. Every single person there was seriously breaking it down. They didn't care what they looked like, they just went crazy. It made it so much fun and we all danced, and danced, and danced!
Leigh Anna fits right in with their family because she can play the drums! Have you ever seen a bride in a wedding dress playing the drums at her own wedding? It was awesome!!

It was such a fun and perfect wedding and I was so honored to be a part of it! We are so excited for Leigh Anna and Bagby!!

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