Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Food

This past week we fed Mary Hyatt baby food for the first time. About a month ago, we started to give her rice cereal sporadically. She wasn't a huge fan of it and definitely didn't know how to eat from a spoon yet. We weren't very consistent with giving it to her and figured we would just wait until she got a little older since her milk seemed to be filling her up enough. Now that she is 5 months old, we decided she was big enough to start eating baby food. Her doctor told me to wait until she was 6 months old, but she's a growing girl and hasn't been sleeping quite as long as she use to so we wondered if maybe she was just getting hungry. Since MH has been so sick and it all started when we switched formulas, we decided to switch back to her old formula and hoped to try to prevent her bathroom issue by feeding her a little bit of pear juice every day. So when we were trying to figure out which type of baby food to feed her first, we decided to start with pear food. She wasn't so sure about the first bite...
or the second bite...she definitely wasn't a fan
She kept showing us her displeasure by sticking her tongue out at us.. haha

I love this next one... She's looking at Ben like "What are you letting her do to me!?" haha

But I kept on feeding her and eventually she realized it wasn't so bad..

She kept eating..

and eating...
and then she realized, "Hey, I like this stuff!"
She actually ended up eating the entire container of baby food. I tried to give her green beans the next night and that definitely didn't go over well. I had heard that most babies don't like them, but I was thinking that maybe if I introduced her to them early, she wouldn't know anything different and would eat them. Wrong. After several forced bites, she then started crying pretty hard so I decided to put them away and we won't be trying those again anytime soon. I plan to try a few other vegetables in the next couple of weeks like squash and sweet potatoes and maybe a few other fruits like applesauce and bananas. We are taking it slow though, and for now she is loving the pears!

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