Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bows and Hats

This past weekend I ended up having to work on Saturday because I had missed so many days during the week while Mary Hyatt was sick. I really didn't mind going in because everything is so much more low key and relaxed on the weekend. I also managed to stop by a store on the way home and pick up a few new treats for Mary Hyatt!

First, I bought her first bows, a little white one and a pink one!! Mary Hyatt wasn't born with a ton of hair and I have been waiting and waiting for it to get long enough to put a bow in it. Though it still not very long, there is just enough that a tiny bow will stay in it....well at least for a little while. She didn't seem to mind the feeling of something up there on her head either, and I thought she looked pretty darn cute!

I also found this precious hat for her. Ben and I have been searching for a hat small enough to fit her head that would cover her ears. Especially since the onset of these ear infections, we definitely want to block her ears from the cold weather or wind. That may not have anything to do with causing an ear infection, but it sure makes us feel a little better. I was so excited when I stumbled upon this precious hat...
I actually found it at a consignment shop here in Birmingham, and it is in such good shape. I have seen the exact same one in a couple of children's boutiques around here for a lot more money than what I paid for it! I sure love a good deal!
I think we will get a lot of use out of this precious hat this winter, and hopefully it will help keep us away from those awful ear infections!!

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