Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ever since Mary Hyatt was born I knew Halloween was coming up and I kept trying to decide what I wanted her to dress up as. I had decided that because I was so obsessed with lambs during the pregnancy, it would be perfectly fitting for her to be a lamb for Halloween. The only problem was that I couldn't find a costume anywhere. I had seen a couple online but unfortunately I didn't order it in time to get it so we ended up just going to Target to look for a costume. They only had one infant costume left and it was a ladybug. I decided it would just have to do this year. And now, judging by the way our night went, I'm so glad that I went with this one because it was extra warm for her and it was cheap so we didn't waste a whole lot of money on it, yet she still looked pretty cute.
As I mentioned in the previous post, Mary Hyatt had developed a pretty nasty cold over the weekend. On Monday (Halloween) at school, her teacher called me and said that Mary Hyatt would not stop crying despite all of their efforts to soothe her. They said she was acting as if she wasn't feel well. When we got home, she seemed a little better but still wasn't her chipper self. We debated even dressing her up but then decided we would go to just a few houses just to say we did it. This was the best smile we got out of her the whole night...and this took a lot of work to get.

She pretty much looked like this the rest of the night. Still cute as ever (I might add! :) but just not typical for her. We can usually get her to smile really easily but not this night. She wasn't crying or fussy, we could just tell she didn't feel like herself.

We drove a couple of streets over to our friends, Leigh Anna and Bagby's, house for Mary Hyatt's first trick-or-treating experience. They had no idea we were coming so they were pretty surprised to see us there!
We let Mary Hyatt try to pick out a piece of candy! It took a while but she finally got it...she chose Whoppers! haha
After their house we decided to walk to about 5 other houses just for the experience.
Ben took Mary Hyatt up to the doors and I stayed back to be the photographer. I kept laughing so hard at him because he looked so funny surrounded by all the little children.

I must admit that when I've given out candy before and someone with an infant would come to our door, I'd always get frustrated because I knew the baby couldn't even eat candy. However, now that I have an infant, I totally get it. Yea, of course Mary Hyatt can't eat the candy, but it's all part of the experience of being new parents. It was so much fun for us to dress her up and take her around. We did get a few smart remarks from people handing out the candy though...but maybe one day they will understand.
After about 5 or 6 houses, we decided to head back home.
Here are the lovely treats that Mary Hyatt got on her first Halloween..
When we got home, we quickly bathed Mary Hyatt and put her down to bed and then Ben and I sat and ate a hot bowl of chili. It was a fun night!

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