Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Trip to the Plains

Earlier this year I got an email from a good friend saying she was thinking about planning a pledge class reunion tailgate and wondered if anybody would be interested. I of course thought it was a fabulous idea since I hadn't seen a lot of my pledge sisters in a long time and I hadn't been back to Auburn since I graduated about 3 and a half years ago! The plan was for our reunion tailgate to be for the Auburn/Ole Miss game. Luckily, the game ended up being a 6 o'clock game so we had plenty of time to enjoy visiting!

Ben and I didn't have tickets to the game so we just planned on driving down for the day and then heading back home that evening. We didn't really want to buy tickets because we knew it would be too late for MH to last through the game and we couldn't bring ourselves to buy an extra ticket for her. (I think that is absolutely ridiculous that infants have to have a ticket! Maybe if she was going to be taking up a seat or something I would understand..but that's a subject for another day! haha)

So we got up early Saturday morning and got ready. Of course I had to buy Mary Hyatt a cute Auburn outfit for her first trip to the plains!

When we got there we walked around campus a little and then headed to find the tailgate. I couldn't believe how much Auburn had changed since I had been there! It was unbelievable. It brought back old memories as we walked past a house that I lived in and the building where most of my classes were. We finally made it to the tailgate and I met up with these girls...
It was soo cold and soo windy that day. Mary Hyatt had actually already developed a pretty bad cold and I know it probably wasn't the greatest idea to have her out in that weather. I did keep her bundled up a pretty good bit though, and I must say, she looks pretty comfy and warm to me!
I loved introducing Mary Hyatt to everyone. She was such a good baby the whole day, even though I know she didn't feel well. Her nose was pouring the entire day, she sounded congested and her eyes were red/puffy and watering like crazy. She was a mess. By the end of the day she was totally over me wiping her nose and eyes every few seconds. Despite her cold, she was still a pretty good baby!
We spent the day just hanging out at the tailgate, eating, and catching up with each other.
We had TONS of good food... Pork tenderloin, rolls, pimento cheese, fruit, several dips, and of course cookie cake! (One of our favorites during our college days!)
In this next picture, you can kind of tell how puffy and red poor Mary Hyatt's little eyes were. She was such a trooper!

Here is a group picture of some of the girls from our pledge class. I wish that more friends had been able to come..but hopefully we will make this a tradition and they will be able to come next time. It's crazy that many of us are now married, engaged, or seriously dating someone. I'm the only one with a baby!!....for now! :)
Overall, it was a great trip. Once the game started and most everyone headed to the stadium, we packed up all of our gear and headed back to the car. Hopefully I won't go quite as long before I make another trip to the plains!
War Eagle!

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