Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poor Baby

Well, judging by the way my last post ended, you would think Mary Hyatt is all better and things are back to normal by now. WRONG.

As the week went on, MH's eyes and cold symptoms cleared up a whole lot so I figured she was getting better. The only problem was that she kept coughing horribly at night when trying to sleep. She would have coughing fits where she would cough constantly for a few minutes and then not cough for a while. Because it wasn't getting any better, I ended up calling the doctor on Friday and she had us come in to evaluate her again. When we got there, we found out that her ear infections hadn't cleared up at all but luckily her lungs still sounded clear so we were told to just try to wait it out and if she didn't get any better by the next week to bring her back in. Ben's mom (Lovie) actually took off work and came to Birmingham that day to stay with Mary Hyatt, which we were so appreciative of so that MH didn't have to go back to the daycare and be exposed to other germs/illnesses while her immune system was down. She said MH was pretty good all day, just a little extra needy and didn't sleep or eat great.

This morning when we woke up, I was changing Mary Hyatt and I noticed several little whelp like spots on her legs. We then noticed some spots coming up on the back of her head and it looked/felt a little swollen. It was weird though because within the hour, they all disappeared. I called the doctor and the nurse told me that it was probably part of the virus that she has and if it came back worse and stayed there, to call back. MH seemed fine and she really didn't have any breakouts anymore so Ben and his parents left for Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/LSU game while I stayed behind to take care of MH.

As time passed, she started getting the rash again, only this time the spots were even bigger. Of course this would all happen while I was by myself. I called our doctor again and after answering several questions, she said that I needed to just go on to the hospital.
The doctor at the hospital said it looks like hives, and that it was hard to say whether its just part of the virus that she has or whether it's an allergic reaction to the medication she is on. She told me there really isn't any way to know for sure, but to be safe she was going to assume it was the medication and recommended I switch to a new kind. They also gave her a little benadryl while we were there.
The benadryl helped the rash a lot and actually allowed her to sleep for about 30 minutes.... or just long enough for me to get to the pharmacy for her new prescription and then get back home. Since we have been home, she has been a little fussy but not too terribly bad. Her rash did start to come back a little on her legs, but not nearly as bad as it was. The weird thing with all of this is that she has never ran a fever. She really hasn't been too horribly fussy either. She does have her moments and she has been extra needy and hasn't been sleeping well at all, but other than that you really wouldn't know that she is sick. In a way, I kind of don't like that because its hard for me to know whether she is better or not. We did notice last night that she started pulling on her ear a little bit.

So, now she is on an all new medication and I'm realllly hoping this one works and knocks all of this mess out! We are suppose to go back to the doctor on Monday to see if her ear infections have cleared any. I sure hope they have!! I hate seeing our baby girl sick because she is so pitiful and we feel so helpless! I've tried to prepare myself for all of this though because I knew being in daycare, she would get sick often this first year. I have to just keep telling myself that she's building her immunity. Poor baby girl.

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