Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree

Wow, it has been a while since I've posted. Life has been super busy for us lately! I feel like I can barely catch my breath. We have been trying to put up our Christmas tree since Thanksgiving, but seriously have hadn't a free moment to do it. We kept planning a time to do it and then something would happen or come up so we had to cancel. We debated just not putting one up this year since we really wouldn't be able to enjoy it for very long, but neither of us could stand the idea of not having a tree for Mary Hyatt's first Christmas. So, this past Sunday we finally had a free afternoon and we knew we needed to take advantage of it.

While Ben was growing up his family use to have a tradition to get a sack full of Krystals and then go cut down a tree. We have continued that tradition since we have been married. This year was no different, except that we brought the Krystals home and ate it so Mary Hyatt could sleep. After we ate, we were ready.

Mary Hyatt now loves to try to sit up everywhere. She still can't sit up independently, but she sure will try anywhere you put her. Her new favorite thing is to pull up in her carseat and hold her self up by holding the sides.
We knew it would be a little difficult to actually go to a Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree this year so we just settled on getting a pre-cut tree.

We came home and had some hot chocolate and apple cider while we pulled out all of the Christmas decorations.
When I was younger, one year I had asked for a singing and dancing Santa Claus (I know, not something most kids ask for haha I don't know what I was thinking.) We pulled it out and let Mary Hyatt look at it. It was so funny to watch her...she was mesmerized.

We ended up putting Mary Hyatt to sleep before being able to decorate the tree, but when she woke up the next morning she loved at all of the lights. I'm pretty happy with the way our tree turned out and I'm so glad that we didn't decide to skip doing it this year!

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