Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last weekend Ben had to go to Nashville for a training seminar for work. Mary Hyatt and I decided to join him for a little mini vacation with hopes of getting a lot of our Christmas shopping done. We got to the hotel late on Friday night and Ben had a little play time with Mary Hyatt..

We then all crashed. Mary Hyatt slept perfectly in her bassinet. That is one thing about traveling with a baby; there is SO much stuff to bring! She woke up around 6 that morning and we fed her and then let her get in the bed with me while Ben got a shower. She is such a cuddler now and I love it. I then got up to get ready for the day and left MH snoozin' in the bed..
After Ben headed to training, Mary Hyatt and I ran around to a few shops by ourselves and then headed back to the hotel to let her take her mid-morning nap while I waited on our friends Whitney and Brian to get there to join us for the rest of the weekend. When they showed up, MH was well rested and ready to go. Whitney decided to change her diaper while I went to get some ice out of the ice machine down the hall. Mary Hyatt decided to surprise Whitney by waiting until her diaper was off to use the bathroom. When I walked back in to the room all I saw was Whitney holding MH out at an arms length totally naked, and then MH proceeded to use the bathroom again all over the floor/counter. We laughed and laughed. I guess I should have warned her that MH tends to do that often. Oops! We ended up having to completely change her clothes and then we were off. We went to the Cool Springs Mall and walked around. It was soo crowded but we did manage to get a few things done..

Ben was able to join us at the end of the day for a few hours and then we all went out to eat and back to the hotel to get MH in bed. Mary Hyatt was so good all day. I was worried that she would get cranky being on the go for so long, but she really was perfect.

The next morning, we all headed for brunch at a cool place called The Pfunky Griddle. It is a restaurant that has griddles built in to the tables and you can cook a select few items on it.
We cooked pancakes, potatoes, and sausage. They do have several other items on the menu that you can order; you just don't cook them yourself.

Mary Hyatt enjoyed it as much as we did...

The food was all pretty good except for the potatoes! If you ever visit this place, I wouldn't recommend the potatoes...and I am a HUGE potato fan. We thought they would be like hash browns, however, they were more like really thick mashed potatoes and cooking them on the griddle didn't go over so well. Other than that, it was great and such a fun experience! I would definitely recommend it! (Don't be afraid when you pull up.. it looks like a little hole in the wall kind of place, but its pretty good food and its definitely worth it for the experience!)
After brunch, Whitney and Brian headed home and Ben and I had high hopes of taking Mary Hyatt to see Santa. She was all dressed up in her Christmas pajamas and ready to go..
However, on the way to the mall, she had a major blowout that went through her diaper, clothes, and all over her car seat. She had never done that before, so it was definitely a new experience. We changed her clothes and still planned on getting her picture made but when we realized how long the line was, we just decided it wasn't meant to be. Oh well.
We had a great time in Nashville and enjoyed being able to spend some time with our friends while getting a little bit of our Christmas shopping done! It's hard for me to believe Christmas is only in 2 weeks!

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