Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 Months

Another month has passed and it's already time for another blog post...or actually two weeks past time.  Didn't I just write the previous one?

Mary Hyatt is 7 months old!!

You definitely can't tell from the smiles in these pictures, but unfortunately this has been another sickly month. Mary Hyatt you have had 3 more ear infections, a random couple of days with a really high fever, tubes put in your ears, more fevers, horrible cough/wheezing, 2 doctors stating they think you have RSV, more crazy reactions to medicine...Whew.  I'm just really hoping we are on the upside of all of that! I will say that we do feel a little blessed because 3 of your little friends at school are currently in the hospital (2 with RSV and one with pneumonia), so I know it could be worse.  I feel certain it's because of this crazy weather.  One day its hot and the next day it's cold or rainy.. It's not suppose to be like this in January!  

Anyway, you are still wearing 6-9 month and 9 month size clothes.  I'm still not sure on your length but I know you weigh 19 lbs even.  You have actually lost weight over the last week (3 1/2 lbs) which has kind of concerned me a little.  I know it is because you haven't been feeling well and haven't been eating like normal, but I'm hoping that all picks back up in the next week or so.

As far as sleeping goes, I can't even comment on that at this point.  Of course, you were doing awesome and sleeping like 10-12 hours a night without waking before all the sickness.  Since you have been sick you haven't been on any type of schedule at all.  You are much more needy and don't sleep well by yourself at all. I think with all of the ear infections it also hurt for you to be flat on your back. There have been several nights that I've slept sitting up holding you just hoping for a few consecutive hours of sleep.  Your daddy and I have even let you sleep with us in our bed a few times just because we have both been pretty exhausted lately and will do anything for a nights rest.  The last two nights you seem to be trying to get somewhat back on your schedule. )Fingers crossed!) You are at least sleeping in your own bed and for several hours at a time before you have a huge coughing fit that wakes you up.

Eating is the same way.  You aren't on any kind of schedule at all.  You use to eat full 6 ounce bottles at every feeding.  Lately there have been days where you've only eaten a total of 12-18 ounces all day. Every time I've called the doctor, they say as long as you are wetting your diaper it's ok so I'm just going with it for now.  We do feed you baby food and rice cereal every evening for dinner, and sometimes (depending on your day) you will eat some baby food for lunch at school.  I try to do a fruit for lunch and a vegetable for dinner; but I'm not too big of a stickler on that.

You have developed so much of a personality this month.  You LOVE to play and you LOVE toys.  You are finally starting to really play with your toys.  I've gotten to where I will often put you in your pack and play with several of your toys while I get ready in the mornings.
You have started to reach for us now and I love it.  If you are on the floor and we come near you, you will hold up your arms like you want to be picked up.  This morning, you were sitting on the floor at my feet while I was putting on my make up.  You started pulling on my pants leg like you wanted me to hold you.  Even this evening Nana was holding you while I was eating.  You were getting pretty fussy and she was trying to console you by bouncing all around the room.  You kept leaning away from her and holding out your arms like you wanted me.  When she handed you to me, you briefly quit fussing and just put your head on my shoulder. That didn't last too long, but it was still sweet. haha

You aren't technically "crawling" yet, but you are definitely moving.  You can move all the way across a room if you want to.  You kind of push up on all fours, move your legs forward then plop on your belly and do it again.  It takes you a little while but you get where you are trying to go.  You have even learned to turn yourself and go different directions.

We have also recently put you in a walker and you have learned to walk yourself all over the place.  The other day I had you follow me completely around the island in the kitchen.  You use to only be able to push yourself backwards, but now you have finally figured out how to go forwards.

Here is a fun picture that your teacher sent me one day of you at school... You look like you are having so much fun! (MH is on the front left!)
For the first time, I caught you holding your bottle by yourself at school one day when I picked you up.  Your daddy and I had been working on that for the longest time every night, but you never would do it.  I figured you just weren't there yet.  When I walked in one day and you were in the swing holding a bottle, I about hit the floor.  You were busted! You will finally do it for me some in your car seat, but you still aren't perfect at it.  You aren't yet able to sit up completely and hold it; you have to be angled some what (ie, in your car seat).

Still no teeth, though I know they just HAVE to be coming any day now.  I still can't see or feel them yet though, so who knows, but you are gnawing on EVERYTHING.

Still LOVE bath time.

You just seem like you are totally changing daily right now and your knowledge and awareness of the things around you along with your motor skills is skyrocketing! I'm gonna need this to slow down ASAP! (But this period of sickness can scoot on by! :)) We love you sweet girl!

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