Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years 2012

For the last three years, we have made plans to spend New Years Eve with our friends, the Wakefields.  None of us are too crazy about the idea of "going out" to celebrate.  It's just not worth fighting the crowds, being on the roads with drunks, or paying all of the extreme prices to us.  We would much rather stay in, grill out, have a few drinks and play board games. And that is just what we did this year.  Yea, I could blame our "loserness" on the fact that we have a baby now; but the truth is, we were like this before MH was even thought of. haha I'm not ashamed. We did have some friends invite us to their house but Mary Hyatt really had been throwing some tantrums (and I mean all out fits and fighting her sleep) all week leading up to New Years which led to us finding out the day before New Years eve that she had an ear infection so we knew it really wouldn't be fun for us or for her to be at someone else's house late and get her off schedule. So, we just planned to stay home.  We did all take a walk around the neighborhood..

Mary Hyatt really enjoyed it.  She didn't make a peep the whole ride.  She must be missing taking all those walks that we took when I was on maternity leave!

We came home and grilled out and had a delicious dinner.  I gave MH a bath and put her to sleep.  The four of us then sat down and played a good game of Phase 10.  All of us contemplated even staying up until midnight; but before we knew it, it was almost 12! Guess time flies when you're having fun! ha

These girls didn't make it to see the ball drop...and yes, I had put that blanket on the couch to keep Emma from shedding on the actual furniture.  She must have missed the memo!  But, at least she was being good!

At about 12:15, right as we were all getting ready to go to sleep, Mary Hyatt decided to wake up.  We thought we could just feed her and she would go back to sleep. WRONG.  She was not happy. She literally stayed up straight until 5 AM.  Her daddy and I kept taking turns with her trying to keep her happy.  We were both EXHAUSTED to say the least.  We may have even said a few words we wouldn't be proud to admit to saying in front of our daughter...oops!

We finally got her to sleep at 5 AM and she only slept until 8 AM. After breakfast our friends left and  Mary Hyatt and I spent the entire day like this... (I know I look gross but I still think it's such a sweet picture)
She rarely slept all day, but was fine as long as I cuddled with her.  Even that night, she cried when we tried to put her to bed.  I ended up sleeping with her all night on the couch and these two slept at my feet...

Fortunately Ben had Monday off work so he was able to stay home with her while I went back to work.  Luckily by that afternoon her antibiotic must have started to kick in because she started acting more normal.  Ben even took this picture of her on his phone and sent it to me at work...

He said he was playing dress up with her and getting her ready for the big game in a week. Even though I'm not an Alabama fan at all, I still thought she looked pretty darn cute in the picture.  But, I must say, You can tell she clearly doesn't like the thought of Alabama as she is reaching to take it off immediately.....haha  Poor thing is gonna be so confused!

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