Saturday, January 7, 2012

Year in Reflection

*Be prepared for a lot of pictures.  I'll pretty much let them do the talking, but I just took a few minutes to go back through all of the pictures that are on my computer and highlight some of our favorites from each month.  Enjoy!
Big Snow

Gender Reveal Party!!

It's a GIRL!!

Beginning the Nursery and preparing our house for a baby
with lots of help from my parents
and sister and family
Lookin' good!

Lots of snuggle time

 If they only knew what was coming in a few months..

 My niece, Kayli's, birthday...she is a teenager!


My Baby Shower

 A baby shower at work..

Our getaway night to the hotel to relax one last time before Baby..

Memorial Day at my Parents was hot, and I was HUGE!

My mom comes to help finish last minute cleaning and preparing of our house for Baby Girl...including trimming all of the bushes/trees
 and completing the nursery..

 About to BUST.... wow, I forgot how big I was...(Ben and I seriously just laughed out loud looking at this picture! ew!!)

My WATER BROKE! At the hospital calling/texting all of our family and friends!

Mary Hyatt's welcoming crew...minus my brother and his family, they hadn't made it yet. :(

The happiest day of our lives...She's here!

 Finally a family of 3

4th of July

 First Trip to Church

First Real Bath


Ben's 26th Birthday

Mary Hyatt's first time "swimming"

and first night in a hotel..

Our 2 year anniversary

First day back to work..:( what a hard, hard day

 My 26th Birthday..My parents came down to celebrate with us

Ben's parents came to hang out with us one Sunday and we hiked around Oak Mountain

Oh how I love my little family!

Football Season..our first trip to T-town..

My heart hurt dressing MH in crimson..but I had to be fair..

Whew... luckily, we headed to the Auburn plains a few weeks later..

 First Halloween

First ear infection, allergic reaction to medicine, several antibiotics later and a night at the hospital.. 

Iron Bowl... confused baby girl! ha

First Thanksgiving

First time to Roll Over with the the biggest and best support group ever!
Trip to Nashville with friends

Mary Hyatt's first adventure to pick out a Christmas Tree

Christmas festivities, just the three of us, and with all of our families

Lots of fun cousin time

Wow, it has been such a great year! We truly are so blessed for everything we have been given and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us for 2012!!

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