Saturday, February 11, 2012

We are definitely Mobile Now!!

Over the last few weeks, Mary Hyatt has been able to  "crawl" and could definitely get where she wanted to go, but sometimes she was kind of slow because she did almost like a worm-like crawl.  She would push herself up and rock back and forth, then plop on her belly and stretch her arms out to pull herself forward and then she would do it all again.  She started getting faster and more coordinated in the last week, and slowly started to move her legs in the right motion for crawling but never could quite coordinate both her arms and her legs together.  Yesterday, she finally got it and by this morning she had it mastered! She is so speedy!! Here she is at Ben's work this morning.  We stopped by for lunch and of course she had to show off her new trick to all of his coworkers!

She has also started to LOVE this walker that my sister gave us.  She has really gotten good at controlling where she walks.  This was one night earlier this week. We had been doing it for a while before I took this video so she is kind of starting to get bored with it, but you can still get a good view of it. Her favorite thing to do is to chase the dogs! Ellie really isn't a fan...

Goodness, our sweet baby girl is growing by leaps and bounds right now!! It makes me so sad but at the same time it is SO much fun!! We are definitely going to have our hands full now! Guess it's definitely time to start baby proofing the house!

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