Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mary Hyatt's Christening

Warning: Picture Overload!!!

This past Sunday was a very special day. Mary Hyatt was christened.  We had it at our church in Decatur because it is such a special place to us.  Ben has grown up in that church since he was a baby, and I started going there in middle school.  We were both baptized there and were married there, and we still attend there often...or at least every time we are in Decatur.   

  I'll pretty much let the pictures do all the talking. But unfortunately, my camera is really messed up so most of the pictures are horribly blurry and of bad quality.  :( That makes me really sad, but at least I did get a few good ones. 

I loved her dress.  I wish I could put her in it every day.  It was beautiful.
We took all of these pictures before the service started.  Ben and I were actually really worried because MH did not take her morning nap that morning.  She always takes a nap in the morning before church but I guess she must have known something was going on because she refused to go to sleep.  We were so worried we were going to have a cranky baby, and though she was definitely tired, she was actually perfect!
We were blessed to have several people from both sides of our families there. 

Here is my mom, sister, and niece

This is our preacher with MH after carrying her around the entire church for the congregation to see her. 

After the service we all headed to the country club for lunch.  Here is Ben's family. Oops... his mom wasn't ready!
And here is my family. Oops... my dad wasn't ready! haha
Our good friends Whitney and Brian even came. They are practically Mary Hyatt's second set of parents haha.  They treat her like their own and she loves them!

Here is Ben's parents with his brother and his fiance.  Have I mentioned that they are getting married this September?  We are so excited!!
Another reason this was a very special day is that it was my dad's birthday! (and Kayli's, my nieces, birthday was the day after!) We of course sang Happy Birthday to both of them before we had dessert! I did take pictures of both of them while we sang, but they are so so dark that you can't even see them so I'm not going to post them.  I have no idea what is wrong with my camera. 

After dessert we let Mary Hyatt get a little loving from everyone.  Yes, I did let her crawl all over the floor of the country club.  Here she is with the birthday guy.
My sister and niece Kayli (the birthday girl) with MH
My grandparents

And here is Ben's sister Meg and her fiance Kris.  They are getting married in July! Yep, two Adams' family weddings coming up! Yay!
Kris actually stayed with me and Ben over the last couple of months while he completed an internship in Birmingham.  Mary Hyatt (and me too!) realllly enjoyed having him around, especially since Ben was working such late hours for busy season.  MH really loves her Uncle Kris! 
Mary Hyatt wants to walk so so bad.  It definitely won't be long! 
Aunt Sally
MH with Whitney and Brian
MH with my parents
It was such a special day for Mary Hyatt and for us.  We were so blessed to have so many people there with us to celebrate. Ben and I continue to pray for Mary Hyatt daily as we strive to raise her in a Christ centered home so that she will grow up loving him, wanting to know more about him and longing to be like him. This was just one of the first of many important milestones in her walk with the Lord. 

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