Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Times

Mary Hyatt is at such a fun age right now!! I'm hoping to get around to doing a 9 month blog post soon, but for now I figured these videos will do.  Here is a little bit of what we have been up to lately.

She loves to swing!! We have walked to the park several days now to let Mary Hyatt swing.  She loves to ride in her stroller and loves being outside! I imagine we will be doing a lot of this this summer!

Mary Hyatt has always been a fan of the bath tub.  Lately she has started crawling around in the tub and will often pull up on the side.  This particular night she kept pulling up and then letting herself fall back down on her booty.  She would look up at us and grin so big, and then do it again.  After she did it a couple of times and we realized she was intentionally doing it, we of course started reinforcing her and made it like a little game for her. haha She loved it.  (Yea, I know we probably shouldn't be reinforcing this in the bathtub since its slippery, but hey, it was just too cute!!)

She has also started babbling a good bit now.  AND, this morning for the first time ever, she waved bye bye to me.  She held out her hand and curled her little fingers back and forth.  It melted my heart. She stopped and then we asked her to do it again, and she did so we know she knew what she was doing.  She still doesn't do it all the time or consistently but we have caught her a handful of times doing it.  Of course now we try to get her to do it all the time.  This same night in the bathtub we tried to get her to do it while I had my camera.  She of course wouldn't, but then she started babbling.  It sounded just like she was saying "bye bye."  I laughed because at one point she says it with some attitude and I imagined her thinking "Fine, I'll say it, if you will just leave me alone." haha  I love this sweet girl!

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