Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July- Part 1

We spent the first half of the 4th of July swimming with Ben's family at the country club. We got dressed in our swimsuits and headed to pick up Lovie and Aunt Sally. We had a little time to run around in the yard while we were waiting on them to finish getting ready.

Ben decided to take care of Emma while we were there.  (We usually spend the night at my parents house, but Emma stays in a crate in Ben's garage or out in the pen with their big family dog. )  He let her out and she must have been bursting with energy because she ran straight towards Mary Hyatt...which resulted in this.....
which ultimately ended like this....
Thankfully she really was ok and quit crying within a minute of us picking her up.  Emma may or may not have gotten beaten.  

We then headed to the pool.  Ben decided to go play a few rounds of golf, while us girls stayed to swim.  We started in the baby pool and then transitioned to the big pool.  Mary Hyatt loved swimming with her Lovie.

Aunt Sally helped her learn how to "jump" in to the pool.
She was a big fan.
Her Lovie even helped her learn to go all the way under!!!
Surprisingly she liked that as well!
She did so great!! I was so proud!
After Ben finished golfing, he came and joined us at the pool.  Granddaddy also joined us and we all ate lunch and then jumped back in the pool for a little more swimming.
Mary Hyatt really wasn't a big fan of the float.  She tolerated it for a few minutes but always wanted out of it. 
Her daddy and I took turns throwing her in the pool.  She laughed and laughed.  She thought that was super fun.
 Then her Lovie and Granddaddy helped her "go down" the slide.  (Don't worry, they never let go over her hands until we had her at the bottom.)
 After such a fun morning, we headed back to my parents house for a nap before out evening festivities.   Mary Hyatt was worn out.  The second I put her in her car seat and gave her a bottle, she closed her eyes.  She has started holding her bottle one handed like she is doing below and then twirling her hair with the other hand.  I think it's precious.  Such a girly girl!
 After putting her down for a nap I went to change clothes and I noticed this beauty...

Yep... that is Mary Hyatt's hand print on my arm/back.  I guess I had rubbed sun screen all over her and then picked her up. It was pretty funny.

Overall, it was such a fun morning and such a fun start to our 4th of July! Mary Hyatt loves to "swim!"

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