Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pool Day

After Mary Hyatt's birthday with the extremely high temperatures and hot days this summer, Ben and I decided we had to have something that would entertain us outdoors but that would give us a little relief from the heat. 

As "redneck" as it is, we decided to buy an inflatable pool big enough for the three of us to fit in it. haha We went to Walmart and found the cheapest one we could and came home to fill it up.  Mary Hyatt got ready in her new bathing suit from her Nana and Pappy.

 Unfortunately, my child does not like hats.  I tried to force her to keep it on so that her head wouldn't get burnt, but there was just no hope. 
 We had so much fun in our little pool.  It's not gigantic, but its plenty big for our purposes.  We brought out Mary Hyatt's bath toys and she had a good time playing in the water. 
She thought her daddy was being pretty silly when he put her hat on his head. haha Love them!

 We have gotten in this pool several times this summer and we really are glad that we purchased it, even with as goofy as we probably look in it.
And of course, at the end of every pool day, we head inside for a little snack time.  The heat and the water can definitely work up an appetite!

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