Friday, July 6, 2012

Bieber Fever Already?

Fortunately Ben and I have both had this past week off work for the Fourth of July holiday.  My work is closed and Ben always takes off this week because he has several days to use up before the year ends.  We ended up heading to Decatur for a few days to hang out with our families.  On Saturday all the girls in my family (minus Tiffany and Abby since they live at the beach now!) loaded up to do some shopping. We were packed in my car.  I tried to get a picture...but this is the best I could do.
 We really had no agenda; we were just going.  I love those kinds of days.  We stopped at a few yard sales that we passed while picking everyone up.  Let me just say, I am hooked on yard sales!! Maybe I'll do a quick post on that next, but I found some real treasures at them! I was pumped!

Anyway, we then headed over to some shops on the square in Athens.  We were in one shop that has tons of house decorations and random gifts/accessories.  I was a little nervous with a busy and running walking 1 year old with all of the breakable stuff, so my sister took her to the back of the store where they had some children's items.  They had several stuffed animals so my sister sat on the floor with Mary Hyatt to play.  They were literally back there for almost 30 minutes and I never heard a peep out of her.  I walked back there to see what was going on.
Apparently, they had a Justin Bieber beaver stuffed animal that sang and played the "Baby" song. Mary Hyatt was apparently mesmerized and literally danced to it over and over for the entire time.  She would literally start rocking or bouncing when the music played, and as soon as it ended, she reached to turn it back on. My niece was able to catch a little video of her dancing...

When it came time to leave, I picked her up, put the beaver back on the shelf, and said "Say Bye Bye Beaver."  Well, that did it.  Mary Hyatt started crying and reaching for the beaver.  I was totally shocked.  She has never cried for a toy ever.  So I gave it back to her one more time and let her hug on it.  I tried to put it away again and she started to cry again.  As soon as I would give the beaver to her, she would grin and hug it, and if the music played she immediately started dancing.  The owners of the store of course thought this was hysterical and started taking videos and pictures of her.  We couldn't believe that even a 1 year old was that obsessed with a Justive Beaver song/stuffed animal.  It was so funny to see her get so upset when we took it away, and then totally happy when she had it in her arms.

Here she is after I gave it back to her... Can you see that big tear right under her eye?
(Wish I could figure out how to rotate this picture! It won't do it!)

And you can tell, she was perfectly content as long as that beaver was in her arms. 
 So what did that mean? Yep, I spent $32 on a stuffed animal Justin Bieber beaver.  I kept saying, I can't believe I am buying this for her.  I can't believe I'm spending $32 on a stuffed animal that she probably won't care about as soon as we leave the store.  But, because I had never seen her act like that with a toy before,  I couldn't resist. 

She played with it over and over again in the car.  She continued to dance to it and continued to want it to play over and over. All weekend, as soon as she entered the room and saw the beaver, she immediately went straight for it and would always pick it up and bring it to one of us.  She presses the betton by herself now and still continues to dance to it.  She carries that thing all over the place.

 So, I guess it was worth it.  She still loves the beaver and the "Baby" song.  At our friends house last night, we actually played the song on their computer.  She continued to dance to it over there without the beaver as well.  I'm wondering if it's because she went to the Justin Bieber concert when she was in my belly and I was somewhere around 12-15 weeks pregnant.   Remember  This Post?  (click here).  I remember wondering if Mary Hyatt could hear the music during the concert... maybe she could and that's why she likes the beaver so much?  haha who knows. 

And just for kicks, here's one more picture because I love this little face...

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