Monday, September 17, 2012

Jack and Courtney's Wedding- Part 1

After Meg's wedding, we knew Jack's wedding would be here in the blink of an eye.  And it was! We were so excited for it.  We left Wednesday after work because we figured the 6 hour drive would be best for Mary Hyatt us if she slept most of the way.  Although she cried and fussed a little at the beginning, she was perfect most of the ride. She did wake up about an hour before we got there and she was definitely ready to get out of her seat. Thankfully Aunt Sally rode with us so she could be Ben's co-caption and help with the directions, and  I could sit in the back to try to entertain miss priss. As soon as we got there, we all headed in and went right to sleep.  When we woke up the next morning, we were all ready to go! Some little girl was super excited to be on "vacation" staying in a cabin with all of the Adams'.

We spent the first day just walking around and getting a feel for the area.  Ben's parents took us to the spot where the wedding would take place.  It was unbelievable.  Absolutely gorgeous!!

 The rest of the day we headed over to Highlands to get a bite to eat and do a little shopping.  Sadly I didn't take my camera (and my phone was dead).  We had a good time though!

On Friday Ben got up and went to play golf with all of the groomsmen and Ben's parents headed out to start setting up and preparing for the rehearsal dinner that night.  Sally, me, and Mary Hyatt hung around the cabin for a while and then ventured out and about while we waited on the Ingrams (so weird! :)) to get there.  When they arrived, we all headed out to lunch.  It was so great to get to see them and to hear about how life as newlyweds was going.  After lunch we walked around and happened to stumble upon a little dockhouse with canoes and paddle boats in it.  We couldn't resist a quick ride!

Mary Hyatt was itching to get in to that water!  Luckily they had a life jacket small enough to fit her.  She didn't even mind putting it on! I think she knew she was about to get in the boat!
 All smiles!!
 Aunt Meg and I took her for a ride.
 I wish I could say that Mary Hyatt sat in that one spot while we enjoyed a peaceful ride, haha but that wasn't the case.  She lasted in that spot for about 2 minutes and then she wanted to get up.  I put her down below my feet which ultimately meant that I was no help to Meg in pedaling the boat.  Mary Hyatt had a ball though, so it was worth it!
 Sally and Uncle Kris rode on a canoe.  I wish I had had my phone out there with me to take a picture because it was hilarious.  I think that what they may have thought was a two person canoe was in fact only a one person canoe.  Their bottoms were just barely above water and we could see the water pouring in on them.  Meg and I laughed and thought for sure that they were going to flip.  They looked so unsteady! Somehow they managed to make it back to the dock without flipping, but they were totally soaked! :)

By this time of the day Mary Hyatt had had enough.  We headed back to the cabin so she could take a good nap before the rehearsal.  She sacked out as soon as I put her on the bed!
 We all dressed and headed to rehearsal.  Mary Hyatt found these rocks and loved playing with them.  I realize she is wearing a white dress which could've been a disaster with all the dirt, but at the time I was thinking "Hey, it's keeping her stationary for a minute."
 She was in a league of her own this weekend.  She was wild!! Going ninety to nothing constantly.  She never sat still.  At home she is busy, but she was just acting so different this trip. She actually started going through a phase where she only wanted me.  She would cry if I gave her to Ben or to anybody else in the family.  At first I thought " sweet" but after a while, it started to get a little tiring.  Mostly because I was wearing heels and a dress and trying to literally chase her around the field so that she didn't go off the side of the cliff, didn't put rocks in her mouth, didn't climb up name it, she was doing it.  If I picked her up, she would buck and squirm until I put her down so because of all of this, I really didn't get many pictures of the rehearsal, the dinner, or the wedding for that matter

Want proof of all her mischeif.... here she is with a mouth full of rocks.  I literally had turned my head for 2 seconds and when I turned back around this is what I saw....
 Then I thought it would be a great idea to try to get a family picture with the awesome view so that we could use it as our Christmas card picture.  haha  You can see how the rest of my family felt about that..
Needless to say, this picture will not make the card this year. ;)

Yep, that was just as good as it got.  So we left and headed to the dinner which was absolutely beautiful.  Ben's mom and a few of her friends actually did the arrangments and decorated themselves and it was absolutely gorgeous. Jack and Courtney both looked amazing and looked so happy. It was seriously so perfect! I wish I had a picture to show you, but I didn't even take my camera with me after I saw how busy I was with Mary Hyatt at the rehearsal. Mary Hyatt was ok for the beginning of the dinner but by the time the toasts started, she was done.  I stood out in the parking lot and bounced her trying to get her to sleep, and though I could tell she was totally exhausted, she kept fighting it. As soon as the toasts were over, Ben came out and we headed home to get the princess some rest for the next big day when she would gain a new (official) Aunt!

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