Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jack and Courtney's Wedding- Part 2

Thank goodness for Pack-and-Plays! We sure have gotten a lot of use out of this lately! 
So the morning of the wedding we all got up and pretty much lounged around for most of the day.  It was nice and relaxing.  We then got ready and headed to pictures.
Mary Hyatt was in a mood again.  She didn't really want to be "forced" to do anything.
...and she didn't get in any of the group pictures. We tried to get her down there with everybody but it just wasn't happening. But, at least I got a couple... didn't she look precious?!
They also had these halo's for the flower girls....but of course Mary Hyatt wouldn't have anything to do with having that thing on her head.  This is the best I got of it.
And here she is, the bride herself!!! Doesn't she look absolutely flawless?  She wore her mom's dress too.  She looked so pretty! Somehow, I managed to not get a single picture of Jack, or of the two of them together.  I remember trying to take their picture when the actual photographer asked me to move and from then on there never was a good opportunity.
We did manage to get a family picture..
and I got one of the Ben's parents..everyone looked so great.
While the pictures were being taken, Mary Hyatt was very entertained by all of the rose petals on the ground.  Guess it was better than rocks!
One more family picture... can't beat these views!!
The wedding was absolutely perfect.  We had worried because that morning it had actually been raining.  It stopped in time for us to take pictures and for the ceremony to take place, and literally as soon as the preacher said "You may kiss the bride" the bottom fell out again.  Everyone took off inside.  It poured for a little while but later stopped and we were able to enjoy the reception.  Mary Hyatt danced her little heart out ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Even long before there was anybody even on the dance floor she walked right out there and danced to the band.  She later had a little boy join her and I got this video... Love my little dancer!!

When the dance floor filled up, she still wanted to be out there. She would work her way up through the crowd to get to the front.  It was precious.

Mary Hyatt and I left the reception early because I knew that she needed to get to bed.  We had a blast!

The next morning we were sad to think that it was time to leave.  I did snap a few pictures outside before we packed up..
Mary Hyatt loving on her Aunt Meg.  We sure do miss her living close!!

She loves both of her aunts,  and especially loves when Aunt Sally comes to stay with us.
Overall, it was a fabulous weekend!! We are so happy for Jack and Courtney and are so excited to see what the future holds!!!

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