Tuesday, October 23, 2012

16 months

I didn't plan on doing a 16 month post (thought I would wait until 18 months) but Mary Hyatt is doing so many new and cute things right now that I want to document them.  Not to mention I have a few cute and random pictures that I needed a reason to post them for. 

So, Mary Hyatt, you are 16 months old!!

  You are still so so busy but with each day are getting smarter and smarter and smarter!
 We can have a simple conversation with you now and feel like you know exactly what we are saying.  Your new favorite word is  thank you... "da du."  You say it ALL the time and it is seriously the cutest thing I've ever heard.  You usually say it appropriately when we give you something, but you may not totally grasp the meaning yet because sometimes you will bring us a toy or something and will say it. It is so cute!

 You also can answer yes/no questions completely now and really mean what you say.  We can say "Do you want___( food, toy, go outside, night night, bath) and you will answer. You have been able to shake your head "no" for a while, but now you shake your head and say "nooo" with it. If you want to say "yes" you do this whole body shake up and down.  You haven't verbalized "yes" yet but I bet it's coming.  Your daddy and I just love your little voice!
 You LOVE the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song and will often put your little hands together like you are trying to do it and look to us to sing it for you.  You really just love music.  You often point at the computer and bounce up and down to tell your daddy that you want to listen to music.  He plays music on there all the time and you will just sit in his lap and dance for a really long time.  It's easy entertainment, and pretty darn cute I might add!

Who doesn't love a baby in overalls?!? I could just eat you up!!
You still love to read.  You say book "bu" all the time and are starting to learn to point to pictures that we name on the pages.  For example, if I saw "where's the bird?" you will usually point to the bird and then you do this motion with your hands and say "teet teet" haha.  I don't know where you learned the motions. 
Look at this bed head... haha  but not kidding, you love to read!!
 We went to the doctor today because you have been very very sick for the past 5 days (we won't go in to that now) but they said you weighed 21 pounds.  I don't know about your height at this point.  You are still wearing a size 4 diaper and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  You are wearing some 12 month size clothes but mostly 18 months at this point.
I love the picture above. You look like such a big girl to me. You are all about your sippy cups these days.  But only the ones with the straws.  You are not a fan of the other kind. This picture was one morning before I took you to school. I don't typically take you to school in the morning because your daddy does, but he was out of town for work for three whole weeks so you and I had a lot of bonding time.  You have gotten to where you really love going to school.  We can say "Ready for school" and you grin and do your whole body shake for "yes."  You now willingly go to your teachers and don't even blink when I walk out the door.  You will often wave at me and blow me a kiss.  It's funny though because you still cry your little heart out if we leave you in the nursery at church.  I guess since you don't see them every day and since the teachers change you aren't as use to them.

 I can't believe in just two short months you will be 1 1/2.  You really are the greatest little girl and your daddy and I love you more than words could ever express.  We often say to each other, "How did we get so lucky to have her?" or "How did we get so lucky to be chosen as her parents?"  We truly mean it too.  We are blessed to be your parents!!

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