Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Festival

Last weekend we headed to Decatur for Ben's cousin's wedding.  Unfortunately Mary Hyatt had been terribly sick for the entire week before so I didn't get to go to the rehearsal dinner.  Over the weekend, she was feeling and acting much, much better but still wasn't 100% and started breaking out in hives (which apparently is just part of the virus..who knew?) We did wake up Saturday morning and head to his mom's elementary school for their fall festival.  Luckily it was all inside because the weather was terribly cold when we woke up!
It was fun having the whole family home for the weekend.  Aunt Coutrney helped Mary Hyatt with a few games...These ducks were a big hit!
Side note... Look at her hair!!!!! It looks so orange/red in this picture!  Maybe it's her orange clothes that's pulling it out.  It's still a guessing game around here as to what color her hair will be.  It changes depending on what she's wearing! :)
 And, though she looks far from amused in the picture, of course Mary Hyatt loved seeing Aunt Sally. 
Her Lovie helped her participate in the cake walk.  I don't think she really knew what was going on. But, she Won!! I'm sure all the other kiddos weren't happy about her being the one that won haha.
Since she was the winner, she got to pick out a treat.  Her Lovie let her pick it out all by herself.  Ben and I were thrilled thinking that she would choose some of the delicious looking cupcakes or cookies...
but no!  She chose these apple croissant things! hahaha I mean really, Mary Hyatt?   Ben's mom said she was pointing and grunting for them so that's what she got.... darn.  No cupcakes for us.
After the cake walk we were thrilled to see that Aunt Meg and Uncle Kris made it in town!
(see, Mary Hyatt really was a fan of these apple things...)
We then headed to the gym where they had a big bounce house and a blow up slide.  I got in the bounce house with her and she enjoyed it, but was too scared to let go of me and jump by herself.

Ben then went down the slide with her.
We had a great time at the fall festival. 
Afterwards, we headed to Ben's house and all hung out for a while.  The wedding was that evening and sadly I didn't get any pictures but it was beautiful.  The next morning, everybody had to head back home bright and early.  Ben and I did hang around for a little while, and I did get a few more pictures...

This is one of Mary Hyatt's absolute favorite things to do at her Granddaddy and Lovie's hosue.  The second we get there, she walks straight out to the dogs cage. 
It was a cold, cold day...
So we had to pull out a jacket.  Thankfully a friend had given us this cute jacket as a hand-me-down.  We would have been in big trouble if we didn't have it because Mary Hyatt wouldn't have had one!

Such a fun weekend!

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