Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

I know I'm a little late on this post, but better late than never right?!

Halloween this year was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I never imagined that Mary Hyatt would enjoy it as much as she did. Before I get to the pictures, look at this picture from last year! Goodness gracious, what a difference a year makes!!

Even though Mary Hyatt didn't get it at all last year, we still had to go through the motions of trick or treating.  Our very first house to take her to last year was to our friends, Bagby and Leigh Anna's house. 

So this year I decided to carry on that tradition.  This year it was even more fun because we now live across the street from them! As soon as I got home from work I put Mary Hyatt's costume on and we walked over to their house. (Unfortunately neither Ben nor Bagby were home from work yet.)  Mary Hyatt knocked on the door and waited like such a big girl. 

 In this next one I imagined she was thinking...
" what do I do next?  Is anybody home?"

Then Leigh Anna answered the door and was surprised to see us!
 Mary Hyatt reached in and grabbed her first piece of candy...
 and she was ALL smiles.
 She kept holding it up to me to open it so I of course caved and let her try her first snickers. (She just sucked on it.  She can't quite bite through and chew all the nuts yet!)
 We then headed back home to wait on Daddy to get home and for our friends Johnny, Haley, and Jane Reable to come over so that we could all trick-or-treat together.  I had made some potato soup in the crock pot so we all ate before we went.  The girls are getting to be at such a fun age because they can really play together now.  They both loved climbing into Mary Hyatt's princess desk.  (Jane Reable doesn't have her clothes on because sometimes its just easier to feed them naked instead of worrying about spilling stuff on their clothes! Mary Hyatt was naked eventually too! :))
 Jane Reable was a bunny.  She wasn't a fan of keeping her ears on though haha so I only got the one picture below with them on.
 They both looked so cute in their little tutu's. It's funny because I literally went through about three costumes for Mary Hyatt before I settled on the ghost.  I had originally bought three other costumes that were adorable but all had head pieces or hats that made them cute and I knew Mary Hyatt wouldn't keep them on so I kept searching for something without a head piece.  I saw the tutu ghost on pinterest and loved it.  I ended up making it myself and I was so happy (and proud :)) with the way it turned out!!

After dinner, we headed out and about.  The girls were super excited.  Looks to me like they both already have their daddies wrapped around their finger.

I wonder what they were saying to each other here....
  Mary Hyatt was such a pro at the whole trick-or-treating thing.  She would literally run up to the door, grab candy, wave at the person, and then take off to the next house.  I could barely keep up with her! I was so shocked because I honestly didn't think she would understand or would get in to it yet, but she did and it was so much fun.
 Quick stop for a family photo...
 I love this next picture... I think it is so sweet.  It wasn't planned for Ben to be kissing Mary Hyatt's cheek.. it just happened to be that he was when the picture was snapped. See, I told you she got him wrapped around her finger!
 I hate that this next picture is blurry.
 We were so glad that Leigh Anna and Bagby joined us around the neighborhood!!
 We had only planned to go to a few houses so that the girls could get back home for bed time, but they both ended up having so much fun that we couldn't resist staying out a little later.  Mary Hyatt racked up on some candy this year!!
It was such a fun, fun night!! Can't wait until next year!!

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