Monday, November 19, 2012

Hodge Podge

I was looking through my computer tonight and I realized that there were a few pictures that I forgot to post on here that I had wanted to for record purposes.  So here they are.

In the beginning of the month, Aunt Sally came to stay with us in Birmingham.  She comes often to visit her boyfriend and we absolutely love having her around! 

This next picture is by far one of my most favorite Halloween pictures that I took of Mary Hyatt and I can't believe I forgot to put it in my Halloween post.  Ben and I had gone to our storage one night to drag out these ol' Jack-o-lanterns that my mom had given us.  When we plugged them up, Mary Hyatt was mesmerized.  She just sat and stared at them forever....well, until she tried to reach in and get the light bulb out of them and I had to put them up high. haha

Another major event that happened in October was that Mary Hyatt got really sick.  She never ran a fever but lets just say she wasn't keeping anything in her system. (This is no fun in general, but it is DEFINITELY no fun with a toddler that doesn't know how to warn you when it's coming!)  This lasted for about 5-6 days.  Throughout this whole time she was totally lifeless.  She just slept and slept and slept. We were afraid she was getting dehydrated because she would only have one wet diaper about every 10-12 hours but after multiple calls from an anxious mama, our pediatrician said that was ok.  It was still a scary and stressful week.  Both Ben and I both each missed 3 days of work.
 After most of her symptoms cleared, she broke out in hives.  It was like welps all over her but mostly on her toes, legs, and fingers.  This lasted about 5-6 more days. (Luckily the doctor said she wasn't contagious and could go back to school with benadryl!)  Whew... it was a terribly long virus. Ben and I have no idea how we were lucky enough not to catch it, but we are so thankful! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!
 But one night, after all of that... while Mary Hyatt was taking a bath I asked her to show me her teeth and she gave me this huge grin....
 Talk about melting my heart after seeing her so lifeless for so long.  I think I almost cried tears of happiness.  Our baby was back!

We ended up going to Decatur that weekend for a wedding.  Though she was MUCH better than she had been, she still wasn't feeling quite 100% and she got in a few extra snuggles with her pappy while he showed her something on his phone.

 Moving on from the virus, since Mary Hyatt has been well she has literally been going 90 miles an hour non-stop ever since. Look at the little monkey climbing all over my car...

 I'm not sure what she thought would be fun about throwing her body up towards the dash but for some reason she felt inclined to....haha
 When I called her name, she looked at me like "What's the big deal?"
Below is just an example of how we literally can't turn our heads for two seconds these days  (Don't worry, we typically keep the doors locked so she can't open them (not yet anyways!).  This sneaky girl had gotten in to her daddy's closet, put his shoes on, and then was trying to get outside...She really is such a mess, but we LOVE her!

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