Monday, November 26, 2012


A couple of weekends ago, Ben and I headed over to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game.  His parents were sitting a box with their friends so they graciously gave us their tickets.  We left Mary Hyatt in Birmingham with my mom, sister, and niece Kayli.  Ben and I hadn't been anywhere just the two of us since our anniversary (3 months ago), and we had such a fun day.  Though we have been back to several games since we graduated college, for some reason this day had us reminiscing and talking all about the days when I would drive from Auburn to Tuscaloosa and vice versa when we were dating.  It was so much fun.
The game (especially for me :)) was actually a really fun game as well.  It was a very close game and literally came down to the last few minutes.  Such a nail biter!  Unfortunately, (for Ben) Alabama didn't pull it out and they ended up losing in the end. 
The following weekend we headed back down to t-town for the Auburn vs. Western Kentucky game.  Since that game was a morning game and was a much smaller game, Mary Hyatt got to join us!  Despite my inner pride, I dressed Mary Hyatt in a precious Alabama cheerleading outfit that a friend had given us.
Even though I'm definitely not an Alabama fan, I must admit that Mary Hyatt looked pretty dang cute!
Daddy was excited to show Mary Hyatt the stadium when we got there.  He hopes she will go to school here one day....and she may.  We will just have to see. It's her choice! ;)
 Mary Hyatt loved running up and down the ramps. 
 And was totally fascinated by all the people.  She has such a social personality and she kept stopping and just waving at everybody as they walked by.
 But, the minute the band walked by with their huge instruments and the majorettes walked by in their sparkly outfits, she was totally mesmerized.
 We finally made it in to our seat. Ben and I worried about being stuck in such a snall space with a busy and active one year old.  Luckily, it wasn't too terribly crowded. Definitely not like it had been the weekend before!

 After the first quarter, Mary Hyatt leaned over and propped her arm on my knee.  I laughed and joked that she was thinking "This is for the birds.  Take me to the Auburn plains!"  But.. we all know, giving their record this year, that probably wouldn't have been any more entertaining.  (I still LOVE 'em though!)
 As long as I kept out Mary Hyatt's juice and baggy of fruit loops, she was preoccupied.  She sat and snacked pretty much the whole half of the game.
 We ended up leaving at half time because we knew Mary Hyatt would start getting tired and because we wanted to go get lunch somewhere. 

Mary Hyatt was seriously such a perfect baby throughout the entire game.  Ben and I both admitted after it was over that she did WAY better than we ever thought she would.   It was definitely a success and we loved helping Mary Hyatt enjoy her first college football game!

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