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Liebster Award

I haven't ever really done anything like this on the blog before, but it seemed like fun so I'm gonna give it a try.  

My friend Jennifer, at nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you Jennifer!!  If you don't read her blog, you should.  Not only does she post often about her precious children, but she also frequently posts about delicious recipes, restaurants, must-haves etc and recently has been blogging about the process of designing and building a new house.  So, back to the Liebster Award, basically it is just a fun way to show support to fellow bloggers that have less than 200 followers. That's me! :) (I only have 60 official followers but know of several of you that read that aren't actually "following."  You should make my day and become an official follower of the Adams' Adventures! haha) So,  these are the rules for the Liebster Award: 

The Rules

1. List 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you choose
4. Choose bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate
5. Go to each bloggers' page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
So, Here we go... 11 random facts about me are:
1.  I am a speech pathologist.  I previously worked with geriatrics at a skilled nursing facility, but I currently work at a pediatric practice that specializes in children with Autism.  We see mostly preschool age children with some older outpatient kiddos.  I absolutely love my job! I especially love that Mary Hyatt can attend our preschool when she turns two this summer!
2. I hate making decisions.  All decisions.  Even decisions that should be really simple and that don't really matter.  I always ask for opinions from Ben, my mom, my sister...or pretty much anybody that is around me which I'm sure can get pretty annoying at times, but I appreciate their input.  haha Sorry! :) The worst part is, even after I do finally make a decision, I often second guess it and then worry about whether it was the right thing or not. haha 

3.  I am for the most part, a Type A, perfectionist...though I will admit this has kind of changed a bit since I've had Mary Hyatt.  I use to keep my house spotless and use to spend time making everything that I did as close to perfect as I could.  Now, my house is a total disaster most days and things aren't nearly as organized as I would like but I'm somewhat ok with it because we're pretty busy making memories around here.  Ben would probably disagree though because I do still have random nights where it totally drives me insane and I will stay up way past my bedtime deep cleaning or making sure whatever "project" I'm working on is perfect.  I am learning to pick and choose what really matters though, as my time is limited these days.
4. I love dogs. I've always been a big dog fan.  When I was little, my family had a half lab/half golden retriever.  I use to get inside her dog house with her and "talk to her."  When I was little I always said "I never want to get married."  My parents would joke that they would kick me out when I turned 18.  I always responded with "Well, thats ok. I'll just go live with Honey (the dog). " Now, Ben and I have two dogs, a maltese and a vizsla.  The maltese was my very first "baby."  My sister and I actually gave her to my mom as a present but somehow I managed to "steal" her back and she is now officially mine. Our other dog, the vizsla, was a gift to Ben right before we found out we were pregnant.  She's a handful but I do love her too.....most of the time. :)

5. I love family, and though I'm a little bias, I think we have the best family in the world.  I can't stand to miss a single family "event," and I honestly don't think I can ever have "enough" time with family. I have heard friends say "we saw them two weeks ago, we are good," or "I can only stand a few hours at a time at home;" I don't ever feel that way.  It's not uncommon for me to go home multiple weekends in a row if there is something going on.  The only thing I don't like, is the drive.
6. I would much rather stay home and cookout with friends rather than go out to eat.  Don't get me wrong, I do love to go out to eat, but at this stage in life with a busy toddler, it's sometimes just easier and more enjoyable for everyone if we eat at home.  I also love "hanging out" at our house/friends house rather than going "out" somewhere.  It seems easier to really enjoy each others company that way.
7. I'm a sucker for reality tv shows.  I love American Idol and the Bachelor.  I don't get to watch them as often as I use to, but I do have my tv set to record them and I watch them when I can. I seem to be watching more of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" these days than anything else. :)  Speaking of TV shows, I use to LOVE shows like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  I can't watch those anymore though.  Though it's kind of embarassing to admit, I have anxiety (doesn't every girl) and mine seemed to get worse when I watched those types of shows.  I'm a Weirdo, I know.  haha but I just figured out that I needed to filter what was going in to my brain, so I no longer watch them on a regular basis.

8. I was born 6 weeks early and my lungs weren't fully developed.  My parents had to go home without me for a little while.  Then, for most of my first year of life my dad wasn't with us because he was in the Navy and was shipped out to sea.  I had several episodes where I quit breathing in the night, turned totally blue, which resulted in my mom calling 911 and having the paramedics come to our house often.  After a few nights of that happening, and with my mom being by herself without my dad, she finally decided she couldn't do it anymore and we all moved in with my grandparents until my dad got back.  Also, while I was a baby, one night my soft spot grew and became a huge cone poking out of my head.  My mom said it was the scariest thing ever.  I had several tests run and to this day they don't know what caused it.  I guess you could say I've been a handful ever since I was born! :) 

9. I am a people pleaser. I have found that this can be both a good thing and a bad.  I love for people to be happy and I always want to make people feel good. Sometimes though, I compromise on my own wants/desires to make others happy in fear that their feelings will get hurt or they will get mad if I do what I want.  Sometimes that ends up backfiring. I've had to learn the hard way on a few occasions but I'm trying to get better...slowly, but surely.
10. I am somewhat "handy" for a girl.  My dad is one of those guys that can pretty much fix ANYTHING and can pretty much do anything.  I feel like almost everything he touches turns to gold! :)  Luckily, he passed SOME of those genes down to me.  I by no means am great at everything, but I am pretty good at "figuring things out."  In our house, anytime we have things to put together or things that need to be fixed, I am usually the one that does it.  For instance, instead of Ben putting together Mary Hyatt's crib, I did it all by myself...big ol' belly and all.  Ben tries to do things but has been known to put things together totally backwards and then complains that the manufacturer didn't put the "right" piece in the box... only for me to come behind him and have to take it apart and redo it for him. haha It has made for some funny moments in our house, I must say!

11. I am not a great cook.  I can follow directions and follow a recipe perfectly, but it has to be written out step by step in order for me to do it. Luckily, I married a man that is a great cook and knows how to mix a little of "this" and a little of "that" to make a delicious meal! 

Now here are the answers to Jennifer's questions:
11 Questions for Others
1. If you had to eat one (everyday) meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
     Hum... probably a vegetable plate with green beans, sweet potato casserole, okra, and corn....and maybe macaroni and cheese too....

2. What are your top 3 blogs that you read regularly?
    It's hard for me to rate them.  I read several friends blogs in a reader when they post.  I guess the main ones that post fairly consistently are,,,, and  Honestly, a couple of those people I don't even know too terribly well but I met them at Auburn and since then have loved reading their blogs.  I use to love reading a few family member's blogs but they have slacked off on writing (ahem..haha) I also read several speech therapy blogs but I won't bore you with all of those! :)  

3. What's your favorite fashion indulgence (i.e. shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry, etc)?
 I love to shop and can't resist a cute top or dress or pajama pants!!

4. At what age do you think you'll finally feel "grown up"?
   40 maybe?  (though it seems that that is getting closer and closer so maybe... 50?) eek!

5. If there was one household chore that you could have a fairy do for the rest of your life what would it be?
     It's a tie between washing/changing the sheets and cleaning the bathroom! I hate both of those things!!

6. Mac or PC? Why?
Well, I am betting I would love a Mac but honestly I have never even touched one before so I guess I'll say PC for now because that's all I know about... :)

7. Favorite guilty pleasure?
  I absolutely LOVE shopping at yard sales, consignment stores, and thrift stores.  I get such a rush when I find a special treasure for a really good price! 

8. What's your "go-to" recipe for dinner?
    spaghetti.... we seriously have it once a week because everyone likes it and it's super easy!

9. What's one wish list item that you have for your house right now?
    coffee table/end tables also I recently realized that I need more pictures of our family hanging up around the house

10. What's your favorite vacation spot as a couple?
       Hum... We haven't really been anywhere totally fabulous as a couple since our honeymoon to the Bahamas.  We both agree that the Bahamas was really fun and perfect for our honeymoon, but it's not somewhere that we want to go back.  I'm not sure where I'd choose to go but it'd probably be somewhere tropical or beachy..

11. What's your favorite vacation spot as a family?
    Same thing here. The most we have traveled is to the beach, to Atlanta and to Nashville.  I guess we also went to Cashiers, North Carolina for Jack's wedding but that doesn't really count. I guess I'd have to say that we are a beach family!

And honestly, I may not follow through with all the rules and may not nominate anyone to keep it goingmostly because I'm not sure who to nominate or who would want to do it, and also because this post is long enough and I'm sleepy and don't want to think about 11 more questions to post.  I will say, if you read my blog and you happen to have one of your own, I nominate you! It's actually kind of fun to do!!

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