Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mary Hyatt's First Snow

A couple of weeks ago, we finally had our first snow! I had no idea that it was even suppose to snow that day.  We started off the morning with our normal routines of daycare and work, but much to our surprise at around lunch time it started snowing and hard!  It was coming down so hard and starting to stick to the grounds so all the schools around us started closing early, which meant I got to leave and pick Mary Hyatt up to head home for her first encounter with snow!!  As soon as we got home, I layered her in lots of warm clothes and we headed out.   (Side note:  In all of these pictures she has a terrible black eye. Apparently she had ran into a high chair one day at school.  Don't come between our sweet girl and food! :)) 

Anyway, we had about  2 inches of snow to "play" in.  Mary Hyatt wasn't too sure about it, but she was all smiles at the beginning. Soon after walking in it though, she decided it was for the birds.  She isn't quite old enough to "play" in it yet or to really understand what it is.  
She was way more interested in the puddles of water that were forming on the edges of the street.
I had taken her to a little field by our house in hopes of getting some beautiful pictures of her in the snow.  Of course, that didn't go as planned.  She would have nothing to do with walking in the snow and just wanted to walk in this massive puddle instead...Thank goodness for our rain boots!
On the way back to our house she chose this watery path, instead of the snow filled grass....haha
The snow literally only lasted a few hours before it all melted away.  We only stayed out in it for about 20 minutes and then headed in for some hot chocolate.  I gave Mary Hyatt some hot chocolate for herself in her sippy cup.  She LOVED it and literally downed it in about 2.5 seconds.  Again, don't come between our sweet girl and something sweet/chocolatey!
The snow day was fun while it lasted, but apparently Mary Hyatt would be satisfied with a good rainfall instead!

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