Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Trip to Magic Kingdom

The day after Christmas Mary Hyatt and I joined Lovie and Aunt Sassy on a trip to visit Aunt Meg and Disneyworld.  We got up super early and hit the road.  I was so worried about how Mary Hyatt would do being stuck in her car seat for 10+ hours.  Surprisingly to us all, she was absolutely perfect.  I never imagined it would go as smoothly as it did.  She slept a good bit of the way and when she wasn't asleep, she was content and didn't really cry.  We did stop and eat lunch about halfway there and let her burn off some energy by playing in the Chick-Fil-A play place.  We planned to stop in Jacksonville that night to spend the night at Meg and Kris' house.  Meg cooked us a a delicious dinner when we got there and we got to visit with one of Meg's old college friends.   The next morning, we were up and at it early again to drive 3 more hours to Orlando.  When we finally got there, Mary Hyatt's reaction as we were walking up to the park made every mile driven totally worth while...

I'm not sure who was more excited; me or her!
As soon as we entered Magic Kingdom, we were welcomed with a parade of dancing/singing.
And we of course couldn't resist a picture in front of Cinderella's castle.

Our first ride of course had to be on the gigantic carousel.  Mary Hyatt love's carousels and definitlt loved this one.  Even us "big kids" were able to ride!  

We were able to ride several rides with Mary Hyatt and see a few interactive shows.  I was glad that we were with a Disneyworld veteran, Meg, who knew exactly how we should arrange our day so that we could ride all of the good rides and have limited wait times in line.

Of course we couldn't resist getting our own mickey mouse shaped ice cream while we were there!
Ice cream was a perfect treat while we waited in line to see some of our favorite characters to get their autograph...
We laughed because the characters made us all feel like little kids again.  We were so giddy about talking to them and getting their signature. haha We just used Mary Hyatt as our excuse to meet them! :)

It was a long day and Mary Hyatt never really got a good nap.  She did sleep on me some while we walked around, but she was a trooper!
As we were leaving the park, I snagged one more picture in front of the castle.  You can tell we were both pretty exhausted!

We planned to go back to the hotel, take a quick nap, and then head back to the park to try to catch the fireworks show.  Unfortunately, as soon as we made it to our room, someone set off the fire alarm in the building and we had to evacuate.  We didn't get much of a nap, and I honestly knew Mary Hyatt would not last all night and then through another full day unless she got a good nights sleep, so I opted to stay in and go to sleep.  At one point, I looked up and saw Mary Hyatt holding her Lovie's camera like this..

smart girl! haha I don't know why she would know what to do with a camera.  I obviously don't take any pictures! ;) 

We changed in to our pj's and MH enjoyed loving on her new Minnie Mouse.  We were in the bed within an hour after everyone else left.  Magic Kingdom wore us out!
Meg, Sally, and Lovie did get to meet the princesses when they went back and got their autograph in our autograph book.  They said the fireworks were awesome.  I'm hoping we can go back sometime when Mary Hyatt is a tad bit older.

Overall, day 1 was lots of fun.  I loved every minute of it! Stay tuned for day 2:  Animal Kingdom!

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