Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Morning

So as I've mentioned before on the blog, I have made it a tradition since my oldest niece was born (almost 15 years ago!) to go over to my sister's house to watch my niece and nephew open their Santa presents.   This year was no exception.  We got a phone call from my sister at 6 AM saying they were already up and we needed to get there quickly because she had two anxious children waiting to see what Santa had brought! I woke Mary Hyatt up and we all, including my mom and dad, headed to their house. 

As soon as we got there, the present opening began and smiles were seen around the room!

After they were finished, we all loaded up and headed back to my parent's house to watch Mary Hyatt open her Santa presents.  Our tradition is to wrap all of our Santa presents unless it's something big.  This year Mary Hyatt got a kitchen for Christmas so it of course wasn't wrapped.  This is us walking in to the room and letting her see it for the first time..
And her reaction did not disappoint!! She LOOOVED her kitchen.  She loved it so much that I could not pull her away to open any of her other presents.
Eventually we forced her away and she opened the rest.  She enjoyed opening the presents but still required a little help from her daddy.

It was lots of fun watching her reactions and excitement this year.  

After we finished with Mary Hyatt's "Santa" presents, we started opening "Santa" presents from my parents to all of us and exchanged gifts with my immediate family.  Somehow, I did a terrible job of taking pictures and only got a few that really aren't worth posting on the blog.  I did get this one of Mary Hyatt with her new shopping cart though which was and still is a big hit around our house.  She pushes that thing everywhere these days!

And after a morning full of fun, we were all totally pooped and definitely took a nap! Love cuddling with my girl!
My grandparents, aunt, and cousin came over to hang out  later that day, and we also went to visit Ben's family later in the day but I didn't take pictures of either.

We had such a great Christmas this year and loved getting to spend so much time with our family!

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