Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Little Athlete----Or Nerd

If you know my husband Ben (and his family for that matter :)), you know that he is a huge sports fan.  I, on the other hand, like sports but I don't eat, sleep, and breathe sports.  I like to watch or go to a few football games, but unless it's a team like Auburn or another rival, I don't particularly love to watch it.  I didn't play sports growing up.  I did take dance and gymnastics when I was younger, and I cheered in high school... but I know  many people debate  whether cheerleading is a sport or not.  Anyway, so before Mary Hyatt was even born, Ben always said "I hope she gets my athletic genes instead of yours."  He's not wasting any time in training her either... 

She got her first set of plastic golf clubs that are just her size.  I'm not sure who is having more fun with it these days-- Ben or Mary Hyatt. 

 He is already teaching her the right way to grip the handle.  She wanted me to help her at one point.  I got in trouble by Ben because I didn't make her use the right grip... I just let her hold it however she wanted. My bad. haha
 I mean after all, this looks like a pretty smooth move to me....
 She's so good she can even do it one handed! :)
 She really got a kick out of having her daddy help her hit it.  We literally did this for about 45 minutes solid one night.  It's so fun to play with her these days.

Aside from golf, Mary Hyatt also loves basketball.  Her Lovie and Grandaddy got her a pink basketball hoop for Christmas.  It's a big hit around our house as well.  Here is a precious video clip of Mary Hyatt and her Daddy playing basketball.  I absolutely love it! Every single time she scored, she literally ran full force towards me and fell in my arms.  She must have been so proud of herself and she knew I was her biggest fan ...on the sideline.  I have a feeling this is a glimpse of our future--Ben will be coaching whatever sport she plays and I'll be cheering them on.

Mary Hyatt's distraction by books right in the middle of the game made us laugh hystericailly.  If you didn't hear, Ben said "She's gonna be a nerd."  haha We laughed and laughed. I guess if that's the case, she may be stuck with more of my genes in this department.  Ben  use to say all the time that I was the "biggest nerd." I think I turned out alright though so that wouldn't be so bad for her after all, right?

In all honesty, we will support Mary Hyatt in whatever she chooses--sports or no sports and will love her just the same whether she's the star of the team or the one riding the bench.   We'll just have to see how it all pans out!

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