Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Friends

A couple weekends ago we got the chance to go over and visit with our good friends Whitney, Brian, and Baby O.  Ever since she was born, Mary Hyatt has called her "baby."  We find ourselves calling her "baby" as well.  I'm not sure how long it will stick; she may be 18 years old and we may still call her "baby."  haha Probably not...but for now, we think it's really cute. 

Anyway, Baby O was about 2 months old in these pictures.  She was just getting to a stage where she was much more alert and didn't seem quite so "newbornish" or fragile.  Mary Hyatt was able to interact with her a little and I got some precious pictures of the two girls together.  I love them!

Mary Hyatt tried to read Baby O a book.  .
 And soon after Mary Hyatt accidentally bumped Baby O in the head with that hard book (though Baby didn't even flinch and neither did her mama) we decided to let Brian take over the book reading.  Such a good daddy!
 And then Mary Hyatt got to hold Baby for the first time.  She did so good with her and was so proud!
 She hugged Baby's head and loved on her all unprompted.  Such a little mama already!
 Love these girls!

It was a fun afternoon.  I've had Mary Hyatt's old infant car seat out in our house because I've been trying to sell it.  Mary Hyatt often walks over to it and looks inside saying "Baby?" I think she misses her!

I know these girls will grow up to be the best of friends like their mamas.  Now we just can't wait for Baby O to get a tad older where she can really play!

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