Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Still here--Back with a quick update

Hey friends! Don't worry, I'm still here! I have just taken a short break from blogging.  Life has been totally busy and I've become consumed with a new hobby so I just haven't felt like sitting down to blog lately.  I do think it's time for an update though, especially before I forget what a sweet, sweet, stage we are in.   Here is what we have been up to..
cooking in the nude...  No... not me. (ha!) This picture may be halfway inappropriate to post, but I think it is so cute I can't resist! One morning this is exactly how we found Mary Hyatt...

We laughed, and laughed, and laughed.  Mary Hyatt does go through phases where she would prefer no clothes.  Sometimes we don't fight that battle (as long as she is wearing a diaper).  Who can resist a naked baby! :)

We have spent a lot of time at the park.  Mary Hyatt now notices it everyday on our way home from work/school.  I try to stop as often as I can just for a quick break.  She LOVEs to swing.
 And she has such a good daddy...he didn't let his pride stop him from sitting on a big purple dinosaur with his baby girl!
 Lately, the slide has become another favorite.  I wish this picture was actually a video.  Now that it is over, it brings back funny memories.  Ben had gone to workout earlier that day so he was wearing slick basketball shorts.  Apparently we all underestimated how slick they would be on this metal slide.  They both literally flew down the slide, so fast that Ben didn't even have time to put his feet down and he flew off the end and landed flat on his back with Mary Hyatt on top of him.  Of course my inital reaction was to freak out and make sure MH was ok (and Ben too) and then I couldn't help but laugh.  It was hilarious...since nobody was hurt.
 We have spent lots of time with our sweet friends--both friends in Decatur and our friends in Birmingham.  Here are a few pictures of MH with her good friend Jane Reable..

 Mary Hyatt is developing quite the personality.  I caught her sitting in the tub with her freshly dressed pj's on and new diaper as the water was draining...She gave me this sweet face as if she was saying "what's the big deal?" oh, and of course she had boots in her hand.  This child loves shoes..especially boots.  If it's not the cowboy boots its the rainboots..
 Mary Hyatt's "night night" (basically any blanket) and passy have become a staple around here.  As soon as we get home from school/work, she says "passy nigh nigh" which is shortly followed by "Mickey" with a gesture towards the tv.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is by far her most favorite show.  We watch it constantly and anytime we are all sitting in the living room, she continously requests it. 
 Slowly but surely, she's getting a little hair!  We had a little beauty parlor night one time and I tried to put her hair in a pony tail.  I actually did it, but it was so thin that it didn't hold for long. 

 We're getting there!
 And when all the pig tails were taken out, we had some wild and crazy hair!
 We stopped by the golf course one Sunday after lunch and let MH "play" for a few minutes.  She loved chasing the golf balls all over the place!
 Getting ready for Easter in her bunny dress!

Life is crazy these days, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN!

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