Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Getaway

The weekend after Valentine's Day, Ben and I headed up to Nashville for a quick little getaway.  Because of all the traveling Ben had recently done with his previous job, he had earned a free night in a Marriot that was going to expire in March.  We decided this would be the perfect time to use it.

It actually ended up working out well because Aunt Sally's 21st birthday was the same weekend and it was the same weekend that she had planned to run her first marathon.  Since the race started early on Sunday morning, it worked out well for Ben's parents (and sisters) to come and stay at our house to keep Mary Hyatt that night.  

We left early Saturday morning and stopped about 45 minutes outside of Nashville to ride horses.  It was FREEZING when we got there.  I think they said it was about 34 degrees.  We weren't sure whether it would be miserable or even worth it, but we went ahead because (long story short) I have been dying to ride horses for about 4 years now and every time we've tried something has happened to prevent us from going.

We started out having to go across this big huge land area.  This part was in fact miserable.  The wind was blowing and there was nothing to block it froms us.  It actually even started snowing when we got about halfway across.  Since this was the beginning of our ride, Ben and I both were wondering what we had gotten ourselves in to and were thinking this was a bad move.

We eventually made it to a trail though and it was beautiful.   We went up and down hills and in and out of small pathways.  It wasn't nearly as cold once we got back in here because the trees blocked the wind. 
We even crossed over a stream and then walked all the way down another stream. 
Of course we had to get a couples picture! 
It was a 2 hour horse ride and it was so worth it.  It was beautiful and such a fun trail. The only part I didn't like was at the end, when we were on our way back, my horse got made and jumped on his bag legs for a few seconds and started running.  I was screaming. haha Luckily it didn't last long, but it was long enough to scare me to death!  I am so glad that we were able to do this! Can't wait to do it again!

Later that night we ended up meeting up with some of our good friends, Patrick and Amy, for dinner.  We sure have missed them since they moved from Birmingham!

We ate at a nice restaurant and ended up roasting s'mores on our table for dessert.  Yummy!  We went to a little bar like place and listened to some music afterwards.  It was great getting to catch up with these sweet friends!
The next morning we got up super early so we could try to make it back to at least see Sally cross the finish line in the marathon. Unfortunately, we didn't make it because she was a rock star and ran much faster than she anticipated!! She even finished in second or third (can't remember?) for her age group and got a prize! We all went out to eat after the race with several of her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I didn't even think to get a picture! :( 
Overall, it was a great weekend.  So thankful for Ben's family for watching Mary Hyatt.  I am certain that she had a blast, and it was nice for Ben and I to have our own little date!

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