Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

So I know I'm super late in posting these pictures but better late than never right! :)
A couple weeks before Easter, our church in Birmingham held a huge Easter festival for all of the children.  We really thought it was just going to be egg hunts with a visit from the Easter Bunny, but were totally surprised when we got there and they had all kinds of stuff for the kids to do.
We weren't sure whether Mary Hyatt would even understand how to do an egg hunt.  Luckily, they had each hunt separated by age.  Of course for the 2 years and under age group the eggs were just thrown on the ground.  Mary Hyatt was totally surprised at first.
I showed her how to put one egg in her basket and then she started getting the hang of it.
After that, she was off! She carried her big huge basket around that was seriously almost as big as she was.
She loved it and Ben and I were so proud!
They only let one parent with each child in to the egg hunt area, so Ben was on the outside fence.  We laughed because he felt such a competitive drive in him and he kept yelling for Mary Hyatt to "hurry! get another one!" haha Mary Hyatt did not feel the same way.  She was so slow and often stood and watched all the others haha.
She even stopped to have a chat with this friend. haha Wonder what they were talking about?
After the egg hunt, we went and played in some jump houses that they had.  We were so thrilled that they had several specifically blocked off for the little kids!
MH was a big fan!
We also got to ride the choo choo! This was one of her favorite things.

We watched a puppet show with lots of singing and dancing and different props.  It was so cute!
Lastly we got to decorate a huge sugar cookie!
and then the best part was eating it!
Overall, it was so much fun! We really had such a fun time and are so glad that we went!  Just for the record, this picture shows that Daddy was in fact there... haha Such a good daddy carrying all the bags!  Don't you think pink looks so good on him? :)

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