Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Morning 2013

We woke up Easter morning at my parent's house and couldn't wait to get downstairs to see if the Easter bunny had made a stop there for Mary Hyatt. 
Of course he had!

With her recent obsession with Mickey Mouse clubhouse, I couldn't resist buying all of these stuffed animals when I found someone selling them for $5 each.  (In the stores, these guys are like $20 a piece!)  Yes, I got FOUR of them for $20..the price of one!! Have I mentioned that I love consignment shopping and finding a good deal?! (We already had Minnie from our trip to Disney World but I set her up with the rest of the gang in MH's Easter basket so she wouldn't be left out! haha)
Anyway, at first glance, MH was far from amused at the stuffed animals.  Talk about a let down! haha All I was thinking was at least I didn't pay full price for them! :) (Just for the record, she does like them a lot now and plays with them often. I have found her several times laying on the ground surrounded by them all)

Easter morning all she went for was the Minnie Mouse pez candy...

And she wouldn't look at anything else until we opened it for her.  Guess she has a sweet tooth like her mama and daddy!
One more thing I just can't resist mentioning..her Nana and Pappy got her this awesome piano (at my request).  I also found it at a sale for only $10!!! I had already met my budget for the month according to my accountant husband haha but I couldn't let this deal pass so I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to buy it since it was only $10.  I am so glad she said yes! I love it and so does Mary Hyatt! I'm hoping she will learn to play the piano one day!

Mary Hyatt your Lovie and Grandaddy got you the cutest Easter gifts too... your first pair of your very own dress up high heels and a precious purse shaped like a dachshund! (I didn't have my good camera when you opened them though so the pictures on my phone were all very blurry.) It is so fun having a little girl and I'm so glad that you are so girly right now, loving shoes and accessories!

That morning we ate lots of pancakes and then got ready for church.  I wanted to get some family pictures taken but the morning was too rushed and by the time we were ready, my parents had already left for church.
I tried to take a couple as we were running out to the car..

My child is definitely a Mama's girl.  She loves her daddy but when she is sleepy, only mama will you can tell in the picture below.  I wanted one picture of her with her daddy but she wasn't having it. 

We went to church and then to lunch with Lovie, Grandaddy and Sassy at the country club. Unfortunately no pictures to share! :(

Every time we go to Decatur, Mary Hyatt loves to listen for the "choo choo's" when we are at my parents house.  We thought it would be fun to go watch one go by on our way home from lunch.  After the train passed, I thought I'd take a few pictures of MH on the track.  It was a total failure...

This little girl was totally exhausted and all she wanted to do was take a nap.  She fell asleep before we even made it back to my parents house.

Oh well.  Didn't get many good pictures from this Easter but we had a great day celebrating Jesus' resurrection!

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