Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trip to Fairhope-Part 2

Sunday morning we woke up super early because we wanted to be able to squeeze in as much play time as we could before we had to head back home.  The girls played and played while Ben and I got ready. We headed out to find some breakfast and ended up eating at a little hole in the wall breakfast joint.  It was pretty good. 
 After breakfast, we headed back to our hotel to swim in the pool.  It was gorgeous.

 Abby and Mary Hyatt were so excited! and so were Ben and I!  This was the first time we had gotten to "swim" this summer.  The weather was gorgeous and the pool so peaceful!
 I honestly don't think I have ever heard as much squealing and giggling as I did in the first 30 minutes we were there.  Mary Hyatt and Abby were both so giddy and happy! It was the sweetest thing.

 Mary Hyatt still had not figured out that she is in fact NOT a fish and can't breathe under water.  She wanted to stay with her head down and wanted to take off swimming so badly.
 This was problem when Ben was trying to explain the concept of keeping her head up and closing her mouth to her.  Judging by that face, I don't think she was paying a bit of attention to him! :)

We loved spending the day with this chick! I miss living close to her!

Fun times.

And then a little alligator walked over towards the pool and the girls were totally mesmerized. 

Just kidding.  :)  It's not real.  It was some little boys toy, but it sure freaked me out at first glance! 

We played and played for as long as we possibly could. 

 And then, unfortunately, it was time for us to check out.  We threw on some dry clothes and took one last walk around the resort to look at all of the boats.  Abby was so sweet to Mary Hyatt.  She kept holding her hand and putting her arm around her back.  Melted my heart.
 We went to downtown Fairhope to grab some lunch.  Unfortunately since it was Sunday, none of the little shops were open.  It was neat to look around though.

We then headed back to my brothers house to drop Abby off.  Though it was a quick trip, it was so much fun getting to see them and have some extra time with sweet Abby.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime!

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