Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Our Memorial Day weekend this year was packed full of plans and fun! We started the weekend off with sweet friends over at our house to grill out and "swim" in our blow up pool in the back yard.    Of course, what's Memorial Day without watermelon!?
These two REALLY loved it...and it was ALL over them. 

Love these kiddos!
My friend, Jessica and her kids had to leave early because they had family pictures scheduled for that afternoon.  Mary Hyatt and Jane Reable continued play time in the pool.  They seriously had SO. MUCH. FUN.  They kept taking turns pouring water on each other and laughed so hard each time.  It was precious. (P.S. They both did have on bathing suits... I don't remember why theya re off in these pictures though! haha)

Johnny, Haley, and Jane Reable had to leave early as well because they had a wedding to go to that night. Luckily, our fun didn't stop then! Our good friends, Whitney, Brian, and Baby O came to Birmingham to hang out with us.  Ben and Brian headed out to play golf and Whitney and I stayed with the girls. Mary Hyatt and Baby O decided to head back out for a dip in the pool.  Unfortunately, by this time of the day, the water was really dirty and the sun had passed over so it was actually starting to get cold.  Baby O wasn't the biggest fan of the pool but she tolerated it for a little while! haha
Eventually, they had both had enough though and we decided to take the party in to the bath tub. haha We didn't have a baby tub handy but we made do with this little basket.  It was perfect to hold Baby O upright so she could "play" with Mary Hyatt.  

Mary Hyatt did her best to read Baby O her book...
We had such a fun night hanging out with these sweet friends.  We always love when they come to visit!

The next morning, we got up early and headed to Decatur.  Aunt Meg and Uncle Kris were in town from Jacksonville and we were so thrilled to have a little extra time hanging out with them.  We cooked out with Ben's family and Mary Hyatt enjoyed playing in the sprinkler.  Mary Hyatt loved that Aunt Meg got inside her new castle tent with her! . 
We went out to the Jubilee that night with our sweet friends to see the hot air balloons and the fireworks. I didn't have my camera so I didn't get many pictures but Mary Hyatt had a blast playing with Baby O and Micah! 


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