Saturday, July 6, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Even though the weekend was coming to an end, we couldn't resist a little more fun before heading back to Birmingham.  Ben started the day off playing golf with his dad and Mary Hyatt and I decided to visit to the splash pad with my parents. 

Because it was such a hot day, the splash pad was covered up with people.  Mary Hyatt was a little hesitant to get in it. Nana was such a trooper and didn't mind getting wet to help ease her in to it.

I'm not sure what these two were talking about but it must have been something super important haha.
 After Ben finished playing golf, we met him and his family at the Country Club for a little swimming. This was her first actual swim of the season. We bought her a little swimmie float, but unfortunately she couldn't figure out how to make herself balance.  We thought the float would do that for her, but it didn't.  She kept falling backwards. She still loved swimming though!  Mary Hyatt's favorite part was going down the slide.  She wanted to do it over and over and over.  Somehow I forgot to take a picture!
 After swimming, we headed back to Nana and Pappy's to take naps and get ready for my nephew, Chase's, baseball game. I absolutely LOVE little league baseball.  While growing up, I practically lived at the ball fields watching my brother play and we loved it.  I usually try to make it to at least a couple of Chase's games each year.  This was actually the first one I got to go to this year and I was so excited.
 Mary Hyatt sure enjoyed it! I think she especially liked that everybody kept giving her all kinds of candy!
 Chase plays third base and is a great hitter.
 It's always a fun time for the whole family!

I especially loved getting to catch up with my grandparents.  They are some of Chase's biggest fans.  They rarely miss a game all season!
 Chase's team ended up winning the game which meant they got to play in the area tournament.
 We happened to be home the next weekend when the playoffs were scheduled and we got to see him play against a couple of the top teams from across town. There were definitely a few nail biters! Ben and I actually laughed at one of the games because we got so in to it and our nerves were shaking!
 They ended up winning the entire playoffs and were area champs! We were so so proud of them!! Way to go Chase and Decatur Nationals!

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