Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Few More- Post Birthday

After Mary Hyatt's birthday party was over I headed back to my house while Ben went to play golf with his dad and brother as part of their Father's Day celebration.  

My parents stayed for a little while to help me get everything unloaded and cleaned up and then we couldn't resist breaking in to some of Mary Hyatt's new toys!  I absolutely love this first picture.  As I have mentioned before, Mary Hyatt has a really special bond with my dad.  She LOVES her Pappy and talks about him constantly.  One of their biggest traditions every time we go home is to talk about the "choo choo" that we can hear near my parents house and to go to the window every time they hear it and look outside. (even though it's not in sight).  They also take many trips over to see the trains in person when we have the time.  So, because of their special bond along with Mary Hyatt's obsession with trains, my parents couldn't resist buying her her very first train set.  She loves it of course, and I love this picture of her admiring it with her hand on Pappy's back.

After my parents left, I walked down to our friends Leigh Anna and Bagby's house for a few minutes and had Leigh Anna take a couple of pictures for me since I didn't get many at the party.  I am so glad that I did because I love this picture of the two of us. 

Later that evening Daddy got back home and Mary Hyatt continue to play with her new toys and show everything to him.

Of course another favorite toy was this giant slide from her Lovie and Granddaddy!
After church on Sunday our friends, the Cupps, came over to play and Mary Hyatt and Jane Reable were all over the slide.
 They loved it!
 After such a busy weekend, I literally walked in to my bedroom right before bed time and found Mary Hyatt just like this.  She had independently managed to set herself up complete with her passy, night night, and shades of course.  She wasn't asleep but it cracked me up and I couldn't resist a picture.   Never a dull moment with this sweet two year old! She sure isn't lacking in personality!

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