Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Party

Because of her love for Mickey and Minnie, Mary Hyatt had a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party this year.  We ended up having it at my work (her new school) in what we call "The Big Room" full of therapy swings, balls, bikes, etc and we also used the playground.  It was the perfect place!

Here are a few of the decorations..

Big Shout Out to my friend Whitney who made the food labels for me! Aren't they so cute!?

When everybody got there all of the kiddos ran around and played!  It was kind of chaotic but it seemed like everyone was having a good time. 

Wasn't long before they started to get hungry.  Some kids sat and ate while a couple others continued playing.
Brian and Baby O came in a little late and Mary Hyatt was so excited to see Baby O that she ran up and gave her a big hug. I was so confused to see just Brian, without Whitney. Long story short... Whitney actually had to be dropped off at the emergency room on the way in to Birmingham because of excruciating pain.  Turns out she had to have surgery to remove kidney stones! I was freaking out and insisted that Brian leave the party and head back to the hospital to stay with her.  He said that Whitney wouldn't have that and she insisted that he come to the party! So she was left at the hospital alone!! Such a sweet friend to endure all of that alone so that they could come.

Mary Hyatt was also thrilled to see her friend Will at her party.  Will was her very best friend at her old school and they hadn't seen each other in over a month.  Mary Hyatt kept hugging all over him when she saw him and she didn't leave his side for a while.

Sweet Micah and his mama also rode with Brian and Whitney to Birmingham. They live all the way in Scottsboro  and were so so sweet to make the trek to the party! Micah and Mary Hyatt are only one week apart.  We always love getting to hang out with them!

Baby O is a big fan of Mickey Mouse too.  I love her reaction to seeing the big Mickey Shaped balloon.

We sang Happy Birthday and had cake.  I didn't get very many pictures because when I say it was chaos with a bunch of little kiddos, I mean it.  I tried to snap this picture right before but as you can tell, Mary Hyatt was more in to looking at the cake than the camera.  (and yes, she does have a dirty face and had lost her hair bow by this point.  Busy life with a two year old! :)

We then opened presents...

and then headed outside on the playground to have some fun with bubbles. Our sweet friend Jane Reable and her parents came back from the beach a day early just so that they could make it to the party. Such sweet sweet friends!

It was such a fun day celebrating Mary Hyatt! Can't believe our baby girl is 2 years old!!

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