Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - Revealing the News!

Well, I clearly have not done a great job keeping up with the blog over the last year.  Life has just been busy.  There is no way that I can recap every memory from the past year in to one single blog post, but I hope to slowly recap a few major events over the next couple of months and I hope to eventually pick back up to posting regularly--or at least once every 2-3 weeks.  I figured I would start off with one of the biggest events in our lives:  Baby Adams #2!

In August of 2014, Ben and I found out we were expecting Baby #2! We couldn't wait to share the news with our families.  To tell my family, we had everyone come over for a Sunday night cookout.  This wasn't anything out of the ordinary so nobody really expected anything of it.  I had planned for Mary Hyatt to wear a shirt that said "Big Sister" on it and thought that everyone would see it pretty quickly and reveal the big news.  However, it didn't quite go as planned.  Tasha, my sister, arrived at our house first.  She saw the shirt instantly and squealed with excitement!  When Mama Frankie and Grandaddy and my parents got to our house, none of them noticed or commented on the shirt.  Everything went on as it usually would and we kept making comments to discretely focus their attention on Mary Hyatt and her shirt.  However, they still never saw it.  Eventually, we had to tell my mom explicitily to read Mary Hyatt's shirt and once she saw it, she was thrilled! Everyone was so excited!

To tell Ben's family, we decided we would break the news while we were at dinner one night.  We had all planned to meet at Mellow Mushroom to celebrate Ben's birthday.   Ben got to the  restaurant a little early, and arranged for the waitress to help us with our reveal.  We had planned for the chefs to spell out "Baby #2" with pepperonis. The pepperoni idea didn't quite work out so he decided to just use pizza sauce.  It was perfect! The whole family sqealed with joy and excitement and a few happy tears were shed.
We told our friends and made an announcment on social media with these precious pictures...

 I didn't do a great job of taking routine belly pictures during this pregnancy, but I do have a few that I can use to document.  

Around 20 Weeks:

24 weeks....

                                                                 Around 28 weeks....
Around 30 weeks....(I think!)

38 weeks and 5 days.... Delivery Day!! Admitting in to the hospital!!

 More to come....

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