Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby #2 Delivery Day

Towards the end of my pregnancy with Molly, I began having issues with blood pressure and swelling.  I was actually sent straight to labor and delivery about 3 or 4 times during my routine doctor appointments because they wanted to monitor me.  I was even admitted to the hospital for a few days around 36 weeks because the doctor was afraid I was showing signs of pre-eclampsia.   I never technically was diagnosed with it though, and each time the doctor and I both agreed that we would rather let sweet Baby Adams#2 grow a little longer. All in all, the last few weeks of my pregnancy weren't overly enjoyable; but I know things could have been much worse and I'm just thankful for the doctors and nurses that kept us both safe.  Just for my own reminder, I'll post a few pictures of my swollen legs and ankles.

At my 38 week appointment my blood pressure was up again and my swelling was terrible.  I was continuing to show some protein in my urine as well.  My doctor sent me to labor and delivery again to run further tests.  Those test came back slightly elevated but not bad enough to require immediate action and my blood pressure actually went down to normal.  Because it was Friday, my doctor sent me home with instructions to monitor my symptoms and call with any change over the weekend, and she told me to come back to the office on Monday morning so that she could re-check everything.  When I got to the office Monday morning, my blood pressure was up again.  At this point, I was a few days shy of 39 weeks.  Instead of having to run tests and monitor again etc.,  my doctor said that she thought the best thing would be to just go ahead and get the baby out! I honestly wasn't expecting her to induce me immediately.  I had kind of suspected that she might want to induce me later in the week, but when she said for the nurse to walk me straight to labor and delivery and for me to prepare to have a baby I was shocked! Thankfully my mom was with me at this appointment and I wasn't completely alone.  (Ben had not been going to my appointments with me because this was all happening during the heat of tax season--oh the life of an accountant! haha) We were all so excited that it was officially time to meet Baby A #2!  

To make the day even more special and exciting, Katherine (my high school best friend and college roommate) had gone in the night before to be induced with their first baby girl.  She was still in labor when we got there and after they got me in my gown, they let me walk to her room to say hello. We couldn't believe that we were about to have our baby girls on the exact same day!

I got settled in and Ben's mom came to join in the fun.  I actually told Ben to stay at work for a little while because I knew it would take a few hours for them to get me started on the pitocin etc. (again, this was a little over a week before April 15 so it was crunch time, and I knew I'd rather him get as much work done as he could so that he could take a few days off after the baby was born..)   

Later that afternoon, Ben picked Mary Hyatt up from school and they headed to the hospital.  By this point, my contractions were regular and I was feeling them but they weren't terrible.  Mary Hyatt was beyond thrilled that she was about to meet her baby sister! 

 Last picture as a family of three!

The rest of our family (Pappy, Meg, Sally, John, Mama Frankie, Grandaddy, TaTa, Kayli)  arrived at the hospital and all were there to greet Baby Molly; but I didn't get many pictures of them because the hospital only allowed three people at a time in the room with me.   

My labor this time progressed fairly quickly .  The doctor broke my water and I went from 3 cm to 10 cm within one hour!  Because we didn't expect it to be that quick, nobody was even there.  They had all left to go get dinner and I had to call them and say "Come back now! They said it's time to start pushing!"   

Overall, my labor and delivery was a piece of cake.  It was so calm and enjoyable. I let my mom and Ben's mom stay in the room with us this time.  We laughed because it was so much more laid back and easy this time.  My mom and Beth sat on the couch the whole time eating eating M&M's.  Ben joked and said "Can I get you some popcorn to go with that?"   We even had a basketball game on while I was pushing that we were all watching.  haha  The whole delivery room was so calm and I truly enjoyed every minute pushing this time.  After the doctor delivered the baby, I kept saying "That was so so fun.  That was awesome. I want to do it again."   I truly don't have one complaint about my labor and delivery this time.  It was much much different--much easier and calmer, no where near as painful, and much quicker than delivery with Mary Hyatt. 

At  9:45 PM  out sweet Baby Molly entered the world weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 1/2 inches long.   We were so in love!

Although it was late at night and technically visiting hours were over, the hospital let our family come in groups of three to the room to meet Baby Molly.   One of the greatest moments was letting Mary Hyatt see her. I hope I never forget the joy and constant smile that she had on her face.  She was one proud sister! I was so overcome with love for my two girls and so happy that I couldn't stop the happy tears from falling.  It was seriously one of the greatest moments of my life so far.
 Mary Hyatt kept wanting to hold her and kiss her and love on her.  She couldn't get enough of her.

In fact, Mary Hyatt got to watch the nurses give Molly a bath.  The bath made Molly cry and when Mary Hyatt saw it, she busted into a hysterical cry herself because she thought they were hurting Molly and she didn't like it.  

Soon it was time for me to head up to the recovery room and it was time for everyone else to go home.  Mary Hyatt went to spend the night with Nana and Pappy, and Ben and I settled in to our room and couldn't stop smiling as we stared at our new precious bundle of joy.  It was the best day. ever.    

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