Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Molly's Months One, Two, and Three

When we had Mary Hyatt, it seemed like the world stopped.  For a couple of months, we did our own thing and we slowly adjusted to life with a baby.  However, with a second baby, and older siblings to take care of, it's hard to let the world around you "stop."  Luckily, Molly is such an easy going and laidback baby.  She fit right in to our busy lifestyle like she had been here all along!

The first month, Mary Hyatt was still in school.  Molly and I spent most of our days with me rocking her in the recliner and watchihng Family Feud or HGTV. :)   Nana would frequently come over and we would venture out on walks or to get lunch every now and then.  We met up with Katherine and Kit a few times as well, which was always a lot of fun for us mamas. 
In the afternoons, Mary Hyatt would come home from school and want to cuddle right up with us.
And in the evenings, if Molly got cranky, we often just took a walk down the street and that seemed to perk her right up.  She loved being outside!
When Molly was just 5 or 6 weeks, Daddy raced in the Dragon Boat races again this year.  Leland and Uncle Jack were in town and we walked out to Point Mallard to enjoy the races with Lovie, John, Sassy, and Meg. 
It was really hot, but both Molly and Mary Hyatt did great.  Ben's team won the races too, which was an added bonus!
Mary Hyatt loved swimming in the kiddie pool area and playing in the sand!
After bath snuggles are a regular occurence around here for these two!
Mothers Day with my girls... so lucky to have them and to be their mama! It is one of the greatest joys of my life!
We spent several nights out at the ball park watching Chase.  For the most part, Molly was typically very good out there, but on occasion, she would fuss; especially if the games were during the "witching hour" of the day. 
Nana and Tata took her away from the field and bounced in sync together to soothe her.  It worked like a charm because she fell right to sleep!
Mary Hyatt loves to help give Molly baths every night.  Initially Molly wasn't a fan of bath time, but after her umbilical cord fell off and her body was able to be submerged under the water, she began to love them.  Mary Hyatt is a great big helper and the best big sister.
Our typical night time routine consists of me reading a book with Mary Hyatt and then lying in bed with her for a few minutes.  Usually daddy is watching Molly or getting her ready for bed during this.  Occasionally Molly likes to join Mary Hyatt in bed for story time though.  Mary Hyatt just thinks its the greatest thing, and she often reminds me "When Molly gets bigger, she can sleep in my bed with me.  We can sleep together."
When Molly was 6 weeks old, Mary Hyatt had her dance recital.  We enjoyed watching big sister dance on the stage, and Molly did fantastic during the entire show!
Our good friends from Birmingham came to visit for memorial day and we all ventured out to Point Mallard for the hot air balloon festival.  It was a little crazy with 4 kids, 3 years old and under but the girls enjoyed watching the balloons light up!
Around 7 or 8 weeks, we fed Molly her first bottle.  Mary Hyatt was beaming that she got to help feed fer.  She had been asking us for weeks when Molly would be able to have a bottle. 
We continued to take several morning walks while sister was at school.
Daddy says he wants to introduce his girls to sports early.  He wants them to be very well versed in athletics--unlike their mama, who could care less, unless her favorite team is playing. 
Lots of loving from Pappy!
At 8 weeks, we took Molly to the beach for the first time!  Although traveling with a newborn isn't easy because of all of the stuff that they require, it was still a great trip. 
When we got back from the beach, we went to vacation bible school.  I didn't volunteer or help out this year but Molly and I did walk around and watch everybody. 
Although Molly rarely cries, there are moments when she decides to tell us that enough is enough! For instance, attempting pictures of the girls in their coordinating outfits was just not her idea of fun! ;)

And then, all of a sudden, Molly was two months old!!
She started being awake for longer periods and becoming more alert during the day, and she started sleeping through the night about 7 or 8 hour stretches. 
I cant remember her height or weight, but she was off the charts for both at her two month doctor appointment! The nurse could not believe how much she had grown!
With summer officially in full force, we spent many days at the pool.  I sure love a baby in a bonnet!
Mary Hyatt had her 4th birthday party.  She had requested a "Frozen" themed party.  We even had our very own Elsa attend the party.  It was a lot of fun!

More evenings at the pool! Molly had already outgrown her bathing suit so we borrowed a friends swim diaper one evening to let her get in the pool.  She didn't seem to mind the cool water!
The girls and daddy matched one day for church, so we coudln't resist a picture1
I don't get to do the bedtime routine often with Molly because I typically do bedtime with Mary Hyatt and Ben does it with Molly.  (Divide and conquer! haha)  But, one night Mary Hyatt spent the night at Lovies, so I couldn't resist snuggling our swaddled baby for a few extra minutes before putting her in the bassinet. 
Fun at the country club watching golf!
Morning smiles are the best!
We had a very low key Fourth of July this year.  It rained almost all weekend so we didn't get out to do much.  We did enjoy dinner over at Lovie and John's though and watched the fireworks.  Molly sure does love her big sister! She grins from ear to ear every time she sees her!
Around 10 weeks, we went out toe bankhead park and hiked around.
And then suddenly she was 3 months old!
Just for my records, around 8 weeks I stopped nursing and went to pumping exclusively.  Molly wasn't liking having to work for her milk and would get angry while nursing.  I started pumping so that I could a) know exactly how much she was eating and b)it was easier for her to drink from a bottle.  We continued to exclusively feed her breastmilk until she was 12 weeks old, and then we stated to introduce formula.  Around week 14 or 15, we completely switched to formula in anticipation for me going back to work. Molly has adjusted beautifully!

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