Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Molly at 5 Months

 ** Disclaimer:  Though these are being posted way late, I did actually write them on time and saved them in "draft" form because I had hoped to go back and add pictures later.  Clearly, I haven't done that yet.. maybe I'll get around to it soon, but if not, at least I have all the details posted.

I can't believe you are already 5 months old! It seems like you were just born yesterday!  Time seems to be slipping away from us far quicker than I would like for it to be.  You have grown and changed so much over the last couple of months.

You are becoming so much more alert and aware of things around you.  You now reach for things all the time.  If it's in your line of sight, your hands are reaching for it, and pretty much everything goes right in your mouth.  You gnaw and chew on everything, including your hands, and you drool a lot!  You already have two teeth on the bottom! It shocked your daddy and I when we first saw them poking through around your 4 month birthday, because your big sister didn't get her first tooth until she was closer to a year old!  

I'm not sure how much you weigh, but I would guess somewhere between 16-18 pounds. You are a big baby girl! I'm not sure of your height either, but you are very long for your age.  You are wearing some 9 month clothes and pajamas just because of length! You can still wear some of your 3-6 month bubbles and things where length doesn't matter as much.  I sure love your chunky little legs and baby rolls and you get many kisses on them a day!

You smile ALL the time and it truly melts my heart.  It doesn't take much for us to make you grin; and usually all your big sister has to do is walk in front of your face and you get the biggest smile on your face.  You adore your sister, and she feels the same.  Many mornings before school, Mary Hyatt begs to come see you, and if you are ever asleep when it's time for Mary Hyatt and I to leave, Mary Hyatt gets upset because she hasn't gotten to see you yet.  Whenever you are waking up from a nap and we hear you make your first sound, Mary Hyatt usually jumps up and begs me to let her go see you and get in your crib with you. 

You have such a content personality.  You are such an easy baby.  Your daddy and I comment frequently about how easy and good you are.  You rarely cry.  You typically only cry when you are really sleepy or are getting hungry.  You will lay on your play mat for over an hour without needing any attention from anybody.  You have done that since you were two months old.  As I mentioned above, your big sister can't get enough of you, but sometimes she can be a little rough with you.  We constantly have to remind her to be gentle because she will squeeze you, or get right in your face and smother you, or roll you around like a baby doll.  You are so laid back though that it rarely bothers you--but occasionally you do fuss for a minute about it. 

You are eating between 5-6 bottles a day with 6 ounces in each bottle.  You have started to notice your bottles now and if you ever see one you will start reaching your hands for it and turning your neck to keep your eyes on it.  If we walk away to where you can't see it, sometimes you will wimper for a second as if you are saying "I want my bottle!"   We have fed you some rice cereal and some banana baby food a handful of times.  We aren't consistently feeding it to you yet; but you do seem to like it ok, though you still prefer a bottle. You made a few funny faces the first few bites and haven't totally figured out how to work your tongue to keep it all in your mouth, but usually by the end of each feeding you are even better than when we started.  We will probably start feeding you some baby food consistently every day starting next month.  

Right after you turned 4 months old, you started going to daycare.  You have done a pretty great job adjusting, though you don't nap as well for them at school as you do when you are at home.  That usually means by the time I pick you up in the afternoons, you are worn out.  As the weeks have passed, your naps are getting a little better every now and then, so I imagine they will continue to improve.  When you are at home on the weekends, you still take about a 1-2 hour morning nap and usually a 2-3 hour afternoon nap.  Sometimes you also take a small cat nap in the evening after dinner, but before bedtime.  We usually start giving you a bath most nights around 7:30 and then feed you your last bottle around 8.  Lately, you have been waking up every night around 4:30, which isn't ideal but thankfully you go right back to sleep. We typically go in your room and put your pacifier in your mouth and roll you over on your belly, and then you will fall back to sleep until 6 or 6:30.  We still typically swaddle you when you go to sleep, but there have been a few nights where we didn't swaddle you and you did fine. 

You are such a joy to us Molly, and we can't imagine our lives without you.   You have just eased right in to our family as if you have always been here.  We are loving every minute of watching you grow and learn to do new things--but I sure wish I could stop time every now and then and keep you little for longer.  We love you baby girl!

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