Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The First Few the Hospital

The morning after Molly was born, Ben and I woke up in complete awe of our new bundle of joy.  

 We had several family and friends to visit us in the hospital.  My mom brought Mary Hyatt to the hospital again, and she continued to want to love on Molly as much as she could.

A photographer that works for the hospital came around and took some pictures for us one day.  I had no idea that they did this or that the pictures would actually be cute so I wasn't prepared at all.  Mary Hyatt was not at the hospital during the picture time.  I so wish she had been because the pictures actually turned out beautifully.  

 We were all surprised that Molly had quite a bit of dark hair.  Very different from her big sister who had very light hair that often looked reddish/blondish.

We had a fun couple of days in the hospital visiting with Katherine and Cole and their baby girl, Kit.  Our rooms were right down the hall from each other.  This was such a fun experience.  Not everybody can say they delivered a baby on the same day, in the same hospital as one of their best friends.  

 I should add that Ben and I actually had a very difficult time naming Molly and we actually didn't officially name her until she was two days old.  Throughout the pregnancy, everytime someone would ask us what we were going to name her, we often said "Probably Molly Palmer, but we really aren't sure yet." We were debating between two different first names and middle names.  At the last minute, my doctor gave me the option to leave a night early if we wanted to, but we had to wait until at least 7:30 PM so that they could run a last set of tests on Molly that had to be taken within a certain amount of time after birth.   Since Molly was born so late at night, I technically could have stayed an extra night and left in the morning.  However, Ben and I were ready to get home so we decided we would leave as soon as we could, even though it would be nighttime when we left the hospital.  Because this was not our original plan, we did not yet have the car seat at the hospital with us so Ben left that afternoon to make a trip to Decatur to get it. Before Ben left, we had committed to the first name "Molly" but were still going back and forth on a middle name.  One option came strictly from his side of the family and the other option was a family name on both sides. He pretty much told me which name he liked the best, but said he really liked both options and didn't care at all which one I chose.  He even called me twice on the drive back to Decatur to reassure me that he liked both middle name options and that he didn't think we could go wrong either way.  While he was gone, the lady that takes care of the social security card/birth certificate came back for the third time to see if we had a name yet.  I just went with it and told her the name, "Molly Palmer."  Palmer is the name that came strictly from the Adams side of the family.  After the lady left, I panicked and started crying because I was afraid I had made the wrong choice.  I panicked because I had made the decision by myself without Ben (or anybody for that matter) there with me. I'm sure the nurses thought I was crazy.. or maybe just an overly hormonal new mama. :)  I called Ben crying and told him that I had officially named her and was afraid I had made a mistake.  He then panicked and said "Well hurry! call the nurses and see if you can change it!"  I did call the nurse and the lady came back, but it was too late to change it right then because she had already submitted it to the state.  She did say I could fill out a form to mail in and have it changed. However, after she left, as I sat there looking at our sweet baby girl, I began to feel so much more at ease and comfortable with her name and it just fit her.  I truly love her name and am so glad I didn't change it at the last minute.    It at least makes for a funny story that we will be able to tell her one day.

 When Ben got back to the hospital with the carseat and after Molly's last round of tests were completed, we got her all dressed up to go home.  She wore a precious white dress that Nana bought her.  She looked beautiful.

 When we got home, my mom, my sister's family and Lovie were all there to greet us. Mary Hyatt was so thrilled to show Molly our house.  The first thing she did was grab her bitty baby doll, that she has named "Emily", and said "I want Molly to meet Emily!"  We laughed because the bitty baby was almost bigger than Molly.

It felt so great to be at home.  Our first night went smoothly.  Mary Hyatt went to bed quickly and Molly woke up about every two-three hours; but thankfully her crying did not wake up Mary Hyatt, which is what we were afraid of. 

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