Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Little Rat

Tonight Ben left me for a little while, and I've been really bored. So what did I do?

Give Ellie a bath of course!! I use to be really good about giving her a bath at least once a week, but ever since grad school started, I've started slacking. I usually go a few weeks before giving her a bath now. When her hair gets really long, its crucial to keep it brushed, and to dry it if it gets wet (like in the rain or something.) I haven't been doing such a good job with that so it has kind of started to get matted. In a couple of weeks I'll take her on a trip to the doggie spa to get it all fixed, but for now a bath at home will have to do. Anyway, here is a picture of Ellie before her bath.

She knows when I start the bath water and take her collar off that she is about to get a bath. She hates being wet because it makes her so cold, so she rolls over on her back... so submissively. It's actually kind of funny though; she does that when she knows shes in trouble too. Anyway, when she gets wet she starts shivering, and looks SO ugly!! haha We call her our little rat when she's wet. Definitely not the prettiest dog you'll ever see! Here she is in the bathtub with soap all over her!

And here she is waiting for the blow dryer!!

Doesn't she look like a little rat? Bless her heart!

And finally, she is much dryer and looks much better! Don't you think?

And yes, I did just do an entire post on Ellie! haha

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  1. She looks so cute with the bow, like a little baby haha!


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