Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to Our Home

Want to take a tour of our first home? It's nothing spectacular, but we absolutely LOVE it. We really didn't buy a whole lot of new pieces so we just made things we could each round up work together, and I think it turned out great...especially for our first home! We did buy our couch and tv stand, both of which I am very pleased with. Our next purchase will definitely be a new bed...but that will probably be a while from now. Right now, we are quite content with the way things are! Take a look!

As you walk into the door, you will first enter our living room/dining's all connected.

Oh I forgot, We did buy the china cabinet and buffet thing that you see above in the dining room. However, each of those were only $200!! Can you believe that? Yes, $200! (I almost don't even count that as buying new furniture because they were such great prices!! haha...Ben would disagree on the not counting it part, but he did LOVE the prices too!) We both feel like we got such a great deal! We had been searching for something to put in that room for a long time, and everywhere we went, everything was SO expensive. We happened upon these two beauties at this really cool store in Decatur. I had never heard of it before until a friend recommended it. It's kind of one of those places where you have to hit it at the right time, but we loved it. It was so much fun just walking around and looking at everything. They not only had furniture but also little knick knack kind of things, china dishes...just all kinds of stuff. The cool thing is they get new and different stuff ALL the time (almost daily!), so you will always see something different.You should definitely take a visit sometime if you like to find unique or antique looking pieces for cheap prices! Message me if you want me to tell you how to get there!

Anyway, back on to the tour, next stop: Our kitchen...

Head out the other door of the kitchen, into the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. First bedroom, the guest room:

Ben absolutely hates that bedding because he says it looks like a 5 year olds room. I had used it previously before we got married and I actually liked it. I know it does kind of look little kiddish, but after all, it came from Pottery Barn Kids on sale! haha I'm such a kid at heart! Although Ben is right, it serves its purpose in our guest room! And who knows, maybe one day, A LONG time from now, we will have a little kiddo that can use this bedding... Don't get any ideas. That will be a LONG time from now. I repeat, A LONG time from now.

Now that we have that clear, Next stop, our bedroom!

This is the room that we have done the least too. (well the guest room too). It really is made up of random mix matched pieces of furniture. I still like it though! I think our new painting (remember from the previous post?) adds so much to the room!

Next, the bathroom.

This last picture is a painting hung in our bathroom that I love. It's another painting done by my sister. I think its so neat!

And there you have it! That completes our humble little abode! We sure do love it here, and would love to have you visit us anytime!

Also, if you are looking for a great apartment complex around here, contact me. I would love to tell you all about this place. They have done a lot of renovations, and It's AWESOME! And...if you tell them we referred you, we get $500-$1000 that we could split!! Just a thought! :)

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!


  1. I love love love your apartment! Although it depresses me because it looks so much more pulled together than my house and we've been married for 3 1/2 years! :) You have done a great job Christen!

  2. Thank you so much Jennifer! And, I don't believe that for a second. I am sure your house is BEAUTIFUL! Our apartment is just so small that it doesnt take much to make it look put together haha..but its perfect for us! Hope yall had fun in California! I'm enjoying reading about it!

  3. Christen, I absolutely LOVE yall's place. I think it is perfectly put together. I hope I have the same design sense as you do when its that time for Charles and me. Charles and I love antique peaces and are always looking for a great price! You picked beautiful pieces... I LOVE the dining buffet cabinet and that is my mom's exact china cabinet... so great! I am going to need to know the name of that store in Decatur.


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