Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Boring Update

Well, turns out I didn't end up going to the doctor on Wednesday. I thought I was kind of feeling better that morning, plus the doctor that I was wanting to see couldn't accept me until May. I decided that wouldn't really help since I am sick NOW, so I decided to wait and see if it got better by Thursday. I didn't sleep good again Wednesday night, and Thursday my nose was pouring... I'm not kidding, I couldn't sit for longer than a minute without having to get another tissue. At school, I went through an entire box of kleenex..all by myself. haha My ears kept popping too, so I couldn't hear and I was actually getting kind of dizzy at times. Because my nose was soo red and so raw and basically I was just tired of dealing with it, I decided to visit a doc-in-the-box, and went to a walk-in clinic. I felt kind of silly because I honestly didn't FEEL bad, just sounded and looked bad, and I just knew he was going to say its just a cold, wait it out..and then I would feel really stupid haha. But, Boy, am I glad I did go because he gave me a shot that made me feel like a million dollars! He said all I had was a really bad cold that turned into a sinus infection; (I had never had a sinus infection before so I didn't even know what that felt like! Now I do!) so he gave me a shot, an antibiotic, and a prescription for congestion. I was told by the pharmacist to go home after the shot because it would make me extremely tired, and he was right. I passed out about an hour after I got home. When I woke up an hour and a half later, I could BREATHE!! My face felt so much better (apparently I must have been swollen a little and didn't know it, but I sure could tell a HUGE difference after the shot.) I mean it was unbelievable how quickly it started working. If I had known that would help so much, I would've gone to the doctor so much sooner! Anyway, I know this is boring to read...but I really don't know what else to blog about at the moment. haha

So overall, I'm doing much better. Apparently the shot has worn off some today because I'm still a little congested, but not nearly as bad as I was. Perfect timing because I'm leaving on a church trip tomorrow! I'm going to Behold at Camp Sumatanga as a chaperone for my church back in Decatur. I always love going on these trips, especially Behold. We have an awesome youth group; I think we are taking close to 100! Behold is always a fun trip because its pretty laid back. As a chaperone, we spend most of our time sitting in a rocking chair in front of a fire while the youth attend certain meetings with their groups all day. We do all meet a few times a day in a big room where they usually have some kind of music leader and a speaker. The speakers are usually pretty good too... I especially love going because I usually get a lot out of the speaker myself. It's just a fun, laid back weekend. I'll be gone Saturday-Monday, so don't expect any posts. Don't worry though, I'll try to take lots of pictures and will post when I get back!

Have a great weekend!


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