Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick :(..and a very boring post

So this past Saturday night, I started complaining about my throat hurting. By Sunday, I had started to lose my voice, and I sounded very hoarse with all different pitches coming out at once when I spoke. It didn't sound pretty. I had also developed a HORRIBLE cough. I kept hoping it would all go away without me having to go to the doctor, but it doesn't seem like that will be the case. It keeps getting worse. Today my nose was a running faucet, and I coughed so much and so hard that I literally thought my brain was going to bust or I was going to cough up blood...Not a pretty sight, I know. It really is a deep manly sounding cough though, its so rough sounding. My voice sounds SO nasaly, and when I was eating lunch I felt like my nose was so stopped up that I couldn't breathe and eat at the same time; between bites I was gasping for air. haha But at the same time, it was constantly running and I was having to blow it every 2 minutes. How can it be that it feels stopped up, yet runs consistently? So weird..

But, Good News!! I don't actually FEEL bad. I just sound horrible and am starting to get annoyed with the coughing keeping me up ALL night. Not to mention my nose looks like rudolph and is raw from blowing it so much. Today my supervisor told me I sounded horrible and needed to go home and not come in tomorrow. I disagreed and decided to stay. If I don't have a fever, and don't feel bad, I would rather be there. What else would I do at home besides sit and be bored? Plus I love this school!!

Although I hate to go to the doctor, I think I may decide to go tomorrow after school. I just want to get something to knock this thing out before it turns into something worse...especially since I'm planning on chaperoning a church trip this weekend!! Bad news is, I don't yet have a doctor here and don't know which ones will accept our insurance? Guess it's about time we get on that!

Anyway, this is not a very fun post. Just an update on my life. On another note, one thing I love about this time of year is TV! I'm such a reality tv junky... I love watching shows like The Bachelor and American Idol...both which air during this time of year. Now I have a show to look forward to every night! Woo hoo! Last night The Bachelor kind of made me mad though. That drama scandal was so ridiculous..It was soo awkward to watch. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I have no idea if it did, but their acting was AWFUL. It couldn't have looked more fake. They tried to make it look like that was the first time they brought it to each persons attention...none of them did a very good job at acting like it. Oh well, I'm sure I'll keep watching just so that I have a show to watch on Mondays. For any of you that watch, my favorite girl right now is Ali. She seems the most normal and not as bratty or scandalous as most of the others. As for now, I gotta go get ready for American Idol!! (Although I hate these first few weeks of the auditions.. I like it better when they actually start performing. I'm anxious to see Ellen Degeneres on the show though. She is hysterical!!)

So long my friends!


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