Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy Saturday

This Saturday Ben is at work, and he said he will probably be there until around 5 o'clock this evening... NO fun! So what am I doing? Being EXTREMELY lazy...and I must admit, it's kind of nice! We have been pretty busy lately and have been out of town for the last few weekends, so it feels good to just sit around and rest.

We stayed in last night and watched the movie "Family Man." It was a pretty good movie... not my favorite of all time, but pretty entertaining. There were a few funny parts in it too. If you are looking for a movie to watch, I'd say its good enough to rent so I would recommend it.

This morning I stayed in bed until 10:30!! I couldn't believe it. I haven't slept that late since probably high school! I did wake up several times between 8-10:30, but kept falling back asleep. It is now 2:15 in the afternoon, and I am still in my pajamas! I know I'm being pretty worthless, but we all need these days every now and then, right?

I'm thinking in a little while, I'll probably use this day to deep clean our apartment (it has gotten kind of nasty lately), catch up on laundry, print out and organize some new recipes people have sent me and that I've been reading from other blogs, and write thank you notes...yes, we still haven't finished our thank you notes from the wedding! (I know that is pretty pathetic because we have been married for 5 months now...and if you are reading this and haven't gotten one yet, I apoligize! I am hoping to be completely done with them by this week!) I am also needing to give Ellie another bath.. she is so dirty!

So looks like I do have quite a few things to be doing today, and luckily everything requires me to stay indoors because, as I'm looking out the window while writing this, it looks SO cold outside. It's really kind of dark and gloomy, and the trees are blowing pretty hard. says its 37 degrees outside, and feels like 30! Guess it's the perfect day to stay cozy inside our warm home!

Hope you all are having a Fantastic Saturday!

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