Sunday, February 7, 2010

Money Money Money

For all of you readers out there, if you never ever read another post from my blog, this is one that I HIGHLY encourage you to read and really think about for minute. As many of you may remember, I recently mentioned a business opportunity that Ben and I have become a part of, along with every one in my family and thousands of people across the country. This business is the reason my dad and others were in Atlanta when I was at market (if any of you remember that post! :))

This new business is called FHTM (Fortune High Tech Marketing), and You can easily become a part of it to help generate residual income for yourself by doing things that you already do!! I know this sounds a little crazy, but just hear me out.

Here is how it all started for us. A cousin of ours up in North Carolina called my dad a few months ago mentioning the whole business to him and asking him to give it a chance. My dad instantly said "No thank you, I'm not interested in that. I don't want to get involved with network marketing right now, I have way to much going on." bla bla bla... I am sure many of you will have that same mindset at first. However, our cousin asked my dad to just take a look. So, my dad took a look. Within minutes, he was completely on board. He said "This is the most unbelievable business model I have ever seen." A few weeks later, he got my brother, sister and my families in on it, and since then has been signing people up all over Decatur. They host weekly meetings and sign people up pretty regularly. It is about to take off in Alabama. At the time my cousin called my dad, VERY FEW people in the entire state of Alabama were a part of it, and this was our chance to get it going. In North Carolina where he is from, it is booming, along with several other states across the nation.

So what is it?

First let me ask you a few simple questions:

Do you have a cell phone? Do you pay a cell phone bill every month?

Do you pay a cable bill every month? Regular cable or satelite?

Do you pay a bill for the internet every month?

Do you do any online shopping?

I could go on...but those are the main things that I think will affect most of you, and that have affected me and Ben. So imagine if every time you paid those bills every month, you got a percentage of it back. That is exactly what FHTM does for you. Basically all of the major corporations like verizon, T-mobile, ATT, charter, dish network etc have all partnered with FHTM. Once you become a member, all you do is go through your website to sign up for your cell phone, cable, internet, whatever you want, and then next time you pay that bill you will get a percentage of it back. Doesn't sound true? It is! Believe me.

Basically, here is how it works. You are basically cutting out the middle man, and you are becoming that middle man. Think about it. Right now, you could go to any Walmart or Best Buy etc. and buy a cell phone. If you did, Walmart and Best Buy would be paid a percentage of your bill each month. All FHTM does, is cut out the middle man. You order the same exact cell phone from the Verizon etc. website by going through your FHTM website, and YOU get that percentage back! Wouldn't you rather get that money?

And, it gets better.

When you sign up, all you have to do is get three people to sign up under you. For each person you sign up, you get a fast $100....instantly!! Just for signing someone up. Also, each time they pay any of their bills, you get a percentage of their bill back too!! You can take it as far as you want, and just sign up 3 or you can sign up 100... its completely up to you.

We had Todd Rowland come to Decatur a few weeks ago to do a huge presentation for people. He is an ambassador of the company, and is in our direct upline. He use to be a high school football coach, and his wife was a stay-at-home mom. He became involved in FHTM, and with a little bit of time, he started receiving monthly checks that were as much as what he was making in a full year of coaching. Now let me say, that didn't happen over night. He had to put in some work for it, and it did take a little time, but just imagine, This could be you!! Hey, wouldn't you be happy with just an extra $1000 a month.. or even just an extra $500? That is easily acheivable.

So, many of you may be confused, and may not fully get it. (It's kind of hard for me to explain through the blog!) I would HIGHLY encourage you to send me a message or post a comment to this blog post with your email address or contact information. My dad and I can meet with you and just show you the videos, and explain the whole thing to you in more detail... My dad holds huge group meetings weekly in Decatur, Alabama and I can get you the days and times if you want to attend those. He is also about to start a leg in Birmingham which will ultimately hold meetings here once a week, so if you live in this area, we can meet with you here too. For any of you that live far away, even if I don't know you, if you are interested, he will do it over the phone. Basically, if you are the least bit interested, just come to a meeting and listen to it. You won't be pressured to sign up, and can think about it for as long as you would like. You may even decide its not for you, and that is completely fine. I just want you to hear about it, and have a chance to join this amazing opportunity... It's working for us!! After all, this business is not asking you to sell anything or do anything that you aren't already doing. You already have a cell phone, cable why not make a little money off of what you are already doing? Just think about it!



  1. Christen, I might be interested. I have tried work at home things before that turned out to be scams but I am always looking for a way to earb extra money since I am a stay-at-home mom. If you have any information that you can email me, my address is
    Thanks! Morgan Vickery Coulter


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